Geely-linked ECARX says it has cost edge in car computing

Dan Smith

Shen said funding is essential for ECARX to expand its business beyond Geely-affiliated brands and reach its goal of reaching $1.32 billion in revenue by the end of 2024. said. "We're doing 30-40% revenue a year and our gross margins are very strong," he said, although capital expenditures to build an international presence remain high. “So from a capital perspective, we are raising money in the open market to achieve expansion over the next two to three years,” added Shen. ECARX's product roadmap includes infotainment. A digital cockpit starting in 2021 (and his own SE1000 system-on-chip processor coming soon). A central computing platform that will first appear in 2025 and replace over 100 electronic control units (ECUs) in a typical automobile. Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said: car news europe In another interview, the automaker said it plans to switch to the latest version of the SPA2 platform by 2024-25, with the goal of significantly reducing the number of ECUs in future models. “When we get to the next platform, it will be much closer to a pure core computing architecture, with more cost savings and more control,” said Rowan. ECARX, in a joint venture with Volvo called HaleyTek, also builds operating systems for Android-based infotainment systems. Other operating systems focus on autonomous driving and functional safety. As a Tier 1 supplier, ECARX provides integrated systems for the Geely brand, but also acts as a Tier 1 supplier and a Tier 2 supplier to other automakers, offering their solutions rather than buying the whole system. can be used individually. This second method of his offers a bigger margin, he said, because stand-alone products require less testing and supply his chain is lighter.