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Former Monroeville rental manager rented cars for cash, heroin

Former car rental manager arrested and imprisoned in Allegheny County Jail.

40-year-old Jackie Neubauer of Monroeville is accused of using a fake driver’s license, a fake name and address, and a fake credit card number to rent cars to people, and four AVIS cars, including a Monroeville location, have been charged. I was laid off from my job as a regional manager for rentals. She received cash and heroin in return, according to court documents.

According to the complaint, Monroeville Police said Neubauer was involved in the theft of at least 15 vehicles between October and December of this year. They are investigating 92 fraudulent rental agreements for losses totaling more than $617,000.

Investigators said they expected an additional 30 vehicles had been stolen following the audit. They said Neubauer would rent the car for his $1,000 a month at a time and then send the same car out again without AVIS recovering any revenue.

The vehicles fraudulently rented by Neubauer, according to the report, included the vehicle used in a carjacking in Pittsburgh, the vehicle used in the theft of at least 35 catalytic converters in Uniontown and North Huntingdon, and finally a high speed drive. included three vehicles involved in A chase with the Monroeville Police Department.

Neubauer is charged with forgery, theft and conspiracy (theft, possession, possession for delivery purposes, falsification of records, and illegal use of a computer).

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 9.

An AVIS official said he could not comment because the investigation was ongoing, but said it was assisting the authorities.

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