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For Auld Lang Syne, For Cars Lock Each Time – Keep Your Car Doors Locked!

Delaware State Police continue to investigate theft of automobile complaints. Many of these thefts come from unlocked cars that are left running to warm up during the chilly morning hours. These crimes resulted in the loss of money, electronic devices, valuable personal belongings, personal identification documents, and other items. These types of theft can be avoided simply by taking the extra time to make sure your car is safe. locked While parked at work, gas stations, shopping centers, and at home, especially while running unattended. To combat this preventable trend, the Delaware State Police want to share the importance of locking your car every time.

Delaware State Police offers the following prevention and awareness tips:

  • Always keep the unmanned vehicle door locked and the window shut.
  • Do not go Valuables in your car. These items include wallets, wallets, credit cards, electronic devices, checkbooks, money, Social Security cards, loose change, documents, and documents with personal information printed on them.
  • shop valuable tool in your residence. Create a system that is easy to load and unload, such as using storage containers for transportation if your daily business requires it.
  • your rock glove box, you only need to store your registration card and insurance card. Never store your car title in the glove box. Please keep it in a safe place in your residence.
  • clear all vehicles clutter and personal belongings. This can give the general impression that other property of value may be kept in the vehicle.
  • please do not keep spare vehicle key Hidden in the same vehicle. Do not keep your house keys or other keys in your car.
  • Park your vehicle underneath if possible. illuminated area You can check it from where you live.
  • if you have surveillance security system At home, include the vehicle in the camera angle. If you see someone suspicious on your property or around your vehicle, don’t confront them. Instead, he immediately calls 9-1-1.

And finally, be a good witness For your neighbors, colleagues, and fellow citizens. Be aware and aware of what is happening in your neighborhood and other places you frequent throughout the day.

Don’t take the wrong security mindset. These crimes occur in all communities throughout the region. Your address does not protect your property.

Should old acquaintances be forgotten? Should all cold car doors be locked? Yes! Lock up anytime and have a safe and fun New Year!

You can follow the Delaware State Police by clicking below.

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