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Early details emerge on Ferrari and Red Bull 2023 cars : PlanetF1

The Red Bull RB19 is reportedly set to be a leaner machine as Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez look to retain their title at Milton Keynes this year.

As Formula 1 begins to wake up from its winter slumber, tidbits about the F1 2023 car are beginning to unearth.

AlphaTauri, Aston Martin and Ferrari were among the first to announce plans to launch the new campaign, while companies such as Mercedes and Red Bull are patiently waiting to reveal their respective schedules.

But to whet our appetites a little more, the respected Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport has some news about the F1 2023 cars themselves, especially those expected to battle on the sharp edges of the grid this season. I believe there are early guidelines for

In a technical report on the yet-to-be-named Ferrari car (now simply known as Project 675), the Scuderia is producing a car that will be an evolution rather than a revolution of the F1-75. The car was overshadowed by Ferrari’s plethora of mistakes, ultimately crippling their early World Championship bid.

La Gazzetta dello Sport is of the opinion that Ferrari’s 2023 car will be narrower as a “significantly different aerodynamic concept” and innovations such as a new gearbox “allow the car to be more competitive”. The report also says Ferrari could extract another 30 horsepower from the power unit.

As for Red Bull’s car, widely expected to be called the RB19, author Paolo Filisetti has revealed that the car is set to be 3kg lighter than its F1 2022 predecessor.

β€œThe gearbox, thanks to a different arrangement of suspension elements, increases the section of the venturi channel and exhibits a lower narrowness.

“The side layout will maintain a strong connection with the 2022 car, but will be characterized by an improved ‘double bottom’.”

Rumors of a lighter Red Bull chassis are certainly not new, with plans to introduce it later in the campaign during the F1 2022 season.

In August 2022, Auto Motor und Sport reported that the slim Red Bull chassis is set to undergo crash testing ahead of a possible introduction in the final six races of the season.

Max Verstappen has also revealed to the press that he is slated to go lighter, which Red Bull boss Christian Horner later denied.

“Hmm, I don’t know where these rumors are coming from,” he told Sky Sports F1 last September. “But no, we have no plans to introduce a lighter chassis. As you know, we will continue. We are in good shape.”

And perhaps with that ‘good form’ and Red Bull working hard on both World Championship titles, the luxury of being able to postpone some of their bigger plans and spend more time in the development phase. I was in a good position.

Red Bull has not hidden the fact that weight issues are preventing the team from unlocking further potential, mainly through the words of Dr Helmut Marko.

He recently told Auto Motor und Sport about the RB18’s problems: We’re still a little over that. ”

Maybe not for a while…

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