Drivers being towed from Miami-Dade fast foot lot at rapid pace, critics blame lack of signage

Dan Smith

Miami-Dade County, Florida – A large number of drivers had their cars towed even though there were no signs that they could not park in the Southwestern Miami-Dade County parking lot.

These drivers are responsible for a particular business.

Car after car towed from a space in the 107th Street shopping center across from Florida International University.

The spot faces DD's discount store and has no parking signs.

The spot is actually part of the Burger King parking lot, with a sign posted behind the spot on the hedge along the drive-thru.

Javier Hernandez, who lives nearby, says he was surprised when he noticed how many people were being towed from these locations.

"Every time I go in I see at least two cars yoke in. I'm seeing elderly people after they come out," he said.

The parking lot has parking signs warning of non-customer towing, but critics claim there are none in those locations.

"In my opinion what they should have done is they should have had the sign in front of the spot instead of away from it," Hernandez said.

The closest sign is on the hedge facing the drive-thru lane.

Two lanes follow from there, followed by the space in question.

A man named JT who works in the area spoke to 10 locals about the issue.

"No one parks where the sign is. It's not even a parking space, it's on the curb opposite where people should park," JT said.

A mother shopping with her son told Local 10 News she had no idea she couldn't park in the spot.

She said it was bad because there were no signs. Local 10 News asked Berger's manager at King about the issue.

The manager said there were signs on the premises but when pointed out there were none in the back row she said she had no information and would contact her manager.

JT believes there is an easy fix.

"Put a sign that it's yours. It's pretty unfair. It's like a vacant lot."

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