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Dozens of cars abandoned in the snow in Sevier County

Sevier, Tennessee (WVLT) – With ice remaining on some roads in eastern Tennessee, Sevier County crews worked to help those making split-second decisions during snowfall this week. .

According to Everything Auto’s Jeff Patton, he was called more than 1,000 times to help people move their cars safely after they were unable to pass through an area covered in ice.

Patton said more than a dozen vehicles were found abandoned on the side of a road in mountainous Sevier County.

“People are a little bit confident because they’ve come this far, but they get into a little bit of trouble over these hills,” said Patton.

Sevier County EMA Director Joe Ayers said driveways have been a problem in recent days because county resources don’t work on private property. Since many of the roads in question connect to Rentalhis cabin, Mr. Ayres helps the owners of Rentalhis to clear roads on their property to avoid being stranded. I asked you to

Leaving your car on the side of the road is never recommended or ideal, but Patton has some advice for those who have to.

“Leave your name and phone number on the dashboard. Even if a tow truck happens to pass by and can help you, we can’t do it unless you give permission.” I can’t,” said Patton.

Ayres said shady areas and roads with hills and curves are what bother people the most.

County officials urged caution when driving in areas that may still have ice or snow.