Dozens Dead as Extreme Winter Weather Knocks Out Power, Freezes Drivers in Cars

Dan Smith

At least 25 people died in western New York in the wake of a historic blizzard that brought four feet of snow to Buffalo, leaving tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power and several drivers It has been left stuck in the car for days. At least 50 deaths across the country have been reportedly attributed to extreme winter weather that has blanketed much of the country, disrupting traffic and canceling thousands of flights. . About 60% of the US population faced some kind of winter weather advisory or warning over the Christmas weekend, according to the Associated Press. Frigid Arctic air "enveloped much of the eastern half of the United States" on Sunday, the National Weather Service said. Most roads in Iowa will be partially or completely covered with snow Monday morning, and snow is expected in Atlanta Monday night. But western New York faced the worst, with Governor Kathy Hochul calling the blizzard that hit the region "historic" and "a once-in-a-lifetime epic storm." Snow from the hurricane's strong winds and lake effects caused whiteout conditions in Buffalo, covering vehicles in huge snowdrifts and stranded ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Firefighters, police officers, and medical workers were among those who had to be rescued during the blizzard. "I don't know what else could have been done when the rescue team had to be rescued," Erie County Executive Mark C. Polonkers said at a news conference Sunday morning. new york times. The number of confirmed deaths in western New York rose to at least 25 on Monday. Some of the people who died in the area were found frozen in their cars, according to local authorities. buffalo newsAt least one person died outside near a convenience store. Some have died because ambulances could not reach people in medical emergencies. At least one of him died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a blocked furnace vent. buffalo news report. Photo: Buffalo Blizzard Some people caught in the storm and unable to return home have spent days gathering with strangers inside restaurants and shops. It became the place for nap parties. buffalo news. Tens of thousands of people in the area are still without power, many of which may not be restored until Tuesday. Ho-chol said Sunday that he had spoken to the White House about receiving "important federal assistance to help our community recover." She urged Western New Yorkers to stay at her home. "Please continue to stay off the road so our crew can farm and deliver resources to those in need," she tweeted Sunday. In addition to the deaths in western New York, at least 10 people died in Ohio, including a utility worker who was electrocuted, according to the Associated Press. Six people died in crashes in Missouri, Kansas and Kentucky. A woman died in Vermont after falling tree branches, and a woman in Wisconsin died after falling from river ice, according to the Associated Press.

Temperatures are expected to rise gradually over the next few days in many parts of the country.

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