Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert are doing ‘okay’ after ‘scary car accident in the mountains’

Dan Smith

Derek Hough, Hailey Erbert is 'okay' after 'horrific car crash in the mountains'
Derek Hough, Hailey Erbert is 'okay' after 'horrific car crash in the mountains'
Derek Hough and fiancé Hailey Erbert are doing well after a horrific car accident. The couple took to Instagram on Friday to post a reel of the terrifying ordeal they say took place on December 12, 2022. Video showed the aftermath of the crash, including a Mercedes-Benz SUV being crushed. Arbert is also shown being treated by paramedics who stitch him up with four stitches over his brow. Later in the night, Erbert was seen eating a lot of snacks, but she said the injuries she received made it difficult to chew the candy. entertainment tonight. "Derek and I had a pretty horrible car accident in the mountains," Erbert captioned the video on IG. “Our accidents involved steep hills, icy roads, trees and, worst of all, the fear of slipping off a mountain.”
Erbert added that the couple are grateful that no one else was injured in this horrific accident. Second, the quick response from the ambulance crew.” In a comment below, Huff elaborated on the situation. Afterwards she was dazed and blood was running down her face and she hilariously told me she should go to dinner, which really scared me. She came 20 minutes after her firefighters arrived. " In the post, she then went on to share that they were both "okay" and that they "walked away with a little bang, a swollen face and just four stitches over their eyebrows." The 28-year-old dancer concludes with a message of "love those around you" by reflecting on the value of life and wishing you "a safe, healthy and happy holiday season." according to E.T., Huff and Erbert got engaged earlier this year while vacationing in Monaco.of dance with the stars The alum got married after seven years of dating.