DC Police Look for Thieves Who Stole Cars From Ruth’s Chris Valet – NBC4 Washington

Dan Smith

Police are looking for two thieves who broke into a valet key box outside a DC restaurant and stole the keys to three luxury cars. It happened on Christmas night during a family dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House on 21st and NW L streets. As the valet parked the car, his two men in ski masks broke into the keybox and stole one of his three expensive cars, two Mercedes Benz and he a BMW. I saw you steal a key. The thief took off in one of the cars and crashed into another. They then returned and stole a second car. Police were able to secure a third car before it was seized. "It looks like it was probably just an accidental act. These people were walking by and saw an attendant standing unattended," Cpt. said to The two stolen cars belonged to relatives who had met at a restaurant for a holiday dinner. One of those cars was found in an alleyway late Christmas night, but was set on fire. The other has not been recovered. Kopp has a piece of advice for those who use the valet service. “Some of these valets park their cars on the street or where the public can walk through. Go to a place that will drop you off, so it's a little bit harder to get in. Once you're there, it's a little bit harder to get the car out of the garage," he says. He said. A spokesperson for Ruth's Chris said in a statement: We are working closely with those affected to rectify this very unfortunate situation and working with our third party valet company to ensure this does not happen again. ” Bullet Service told News4 that it is working with police to take steps to improve security.