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Shiba Inu (SHIB) accepted as payment for luxury British sports cars through this partnership

According to recent information bit pay With the announcement, users can now buy luxury cars from popular British sports car maker Aston Martin with cryptocurrency. Among the many crypto payment options, to the great delight of Shiba Inu owners, potential owners of the “James Bond Car” can now pay with SHIB Meme Tokens. In November, BitPay entered into a partnership with Exclusive Automotive Group (EAG). Thanks to this partnership, EAG is now able to accept a variety of BitPay-supported cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu.

Ripple vs. SEC: another public reveal big day nears as Ripple picks up minor win

yesterday, James K. Filan shared an update on the Ripple-SEC case. He argued that the parties had filed a joint motion to extend time to January 13, 2023, with edits consistent with the court's sealed judgment of December 19, 2022, to include Daubert's motion and accompanying evidence. It said it had submitted to the public minutes. According to the ruling, the San Francisco-based company scored a minor victory as the court granted its request to redact documents filed in connection with Daubert's allegations. It is intended to protect our business interests and the legitimate privacy interests of third parties.

BabyDoge price surges as coin flips DOME on most traded asset list

Binance Smart Chain wallet tracker @WhaleStatsBSC tweeted: baby doge coin We were able to flip Everdome's native token, DOME, as one of the most traded crypto assets of the largest whale on BSC. The BSC whale currently holds over 888 trillion BabyDoge coins worth just over $866,000, which is his 0.12% of the portfolio. The news caused Memecoin's price to rise briefly on the charts, reaching a level of $0.000000000983. However, this did not last long. BabyDoge is currently trading at $0.000000000940.

Ripple Partners and MoneyGram Launch New Money Transfer Solution: Learn More

Former Ripple Partner money transfer service We recently partnered with one of Ripple's current partners, Frente Corretora, to launch a new money transfer solution in Brazil with zero fees for users. A new service, his MoneyGram Online (MGO), allows customers to send money from Brazil to anywhere in the world in near real time. To receive money transferred through MGO, the user can choose any of his three options offered by Moneygram. Be it depositing into a bank account, mobile his wallet, or collecting cash from retail points.