Consumer Reports’ Least Reliable Cars On The Road Today

Dan Smith

For many people, having access to an affordable family car is a necessity. And owning a reliable car (a car that won't break down for the next 5 years) means you don't have to worry about getting from point A to point B or the cost of buying a new or new used car. To do. But not all cars are created equal. Rising inflation also drives up the price of stickers, plus gas and maintenance costs, so families should do some research on their cars. Thankfully, a new consumer report highlights the 10 least reliable cars to help you consider your next car purchase. Each year, Consumer Reports sends out its own annual automotive survey to gain insight into vehicle reliability. The magazine sends readers reports asking questions such as problems they've had with their cars in the last 12 months. The magazine then organizes the data and summarizes the results for vehicles manufactured after 2000. “Our research delves deeper into the many things that can cause problems with your vehicle,” explains Consumer Report. “We explore 17 trouble areas, ranging from nasty issues like squealing brakes and broken interiors to more serious issues like out-of-warranty transmission repairs and four-wheel drive system failures.”

After sorting and analyzing the data, Consumer Reports assigns a reliability score based on a 100-point scale determined by the number of issues reported. The lower the score, the less reliable. A title won by the Ford F-150 Hybrid.

Consumer Reports' 10 least reliable cars on the road today:

  1. Ford F-150 Hybridwith a reliability score of 4 out of 100
  2. hyundai kona electricwith a reliability score of 5 out of 100
  3. Lincoln Aviatorwith a reliability score of 8 out of 100
  4. nissan sentrawith a reliability score of 9 out of 100
  5. ford explorerwith a reliability score of 16 out of 100
  6. chevrolet voltwith a reliability score of 17 out of 100
  7. Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierrawith a reliability score of 19 out of 100
  8. jeep gladiatorwith a reliability score of 21 out of 100
  9. Mercedes-Benz GLEwith a reliability score of 23 out of 100
  10. jeep wranglerwith a reliability score of 24 out of 100

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