Cleveland police officer admits role in intentionally damaging two colleagues’ cars, city documents show

Dan Smith

CLEVELAND, Ohio - It was recently disclosed that city police officers conspired to puncture the car tires of two fellow Cleveland police officers, resulting in her being suspended for 20 days without pay. documented.

According to an October 31 disciplinary letter, Patrol Officer Melissa Marquardt visited a fellow officer's home in Lakewood in January. Markard's sister screwed flat the tires of two of her cars parked in the driveway.

According to Lakewood police reports, the car belonged to Markard's ex-boyfriend and his female friend, who lived at the Lakewood home.

Howard's letter said Markard acknowledged her role in the property damage. She initiated the stop on Dec. 16, a police spokesperson confirmed. After the end, she will be transferred from Division 2 to Division 1.

Jeff Volmer, president of the union representing the patrolmen, declined to comment.

The incident occurred on January 7 when Lakewood Police were called to investigate the damaged vehicle. After arriving at the female victim's home, Lakewood officers observed a car with a flat tire. One of them had nine screws lined up across the tread.

The car's owner, a male Cleveland police officer, told Lakewood officers he was upset that he had recently ended a three-month relationship with Markard and befriended a female police officer. rice field.

Earlier in the day, a female Cleveland police officer found several drywall-style screws in her driveway, some attached to a piece of wood. to the service garage, she told Lakewood police.

According to the police report, Lakewood police also obtained surveillance footage from a neighbor that showed a car approaching the victim's home and shining a flashlight on it.

Lakewood Police launched an investigation into the damage or danger caused by the crime, but no charges were filed against Markard.

According to Howard's letter, Marquardt informed his superiors when he learned he was under investigation. She also paid compensation to both of her colleagues.

According to Howard's letter, Marquardt's suspension was also influenced by "a pattern of abuse due to illness."

According to city documents, Markard is a nine-year veteran in the department. Her disciplinary history includes a seven-day suspension in 2020 for not completing her report, and last year for failing to notify the police department's medical department of her prescriptions. was suspended for four days.