Christmas Eve fire burns over 20 cars in Redwood Shores parking lot

Dan Smith

The flames sent a large plume of black smoke towering over Indian Creek apartments.

More than a dozen cars were set on fire in the parking lot of the Redwood Shores apartment complex on Christmas Eve, according to the Redwood City Police Department. The fire, which was reported just after 3 p.m. Saturday, rapidly burned through a parking lot at Indian Creek, sending large amounts of smoke into the Bayfront area and damaging more than 20 vehicles, said Fire Chief Chris Cottle. says.

A large column of black smoke floats above the fire.Courtesy of Redwood City Fire Department and Chris DiBenedetto
It completely destroyed 10 to 15 cars and an overhead awning structure in what Kotor called a "very visible" first alarm fire. No injuries have been reported. "It was a strange and tragic event in terms of property loss," Cottle said, describing a "nasty" thick column of smoke visible in the distance. "You don't see many fires with this kind of black, pungent smoke," said Cottle, who was not present at the time of the fire. "Visually, it was a pretty compelling flame." Cottle said five locomotives, one truck and two battalion commanders were dispatched to the scene of the fire and it was extinguished in about 30 minutes. He added that the fact that the fire did not spread to nearby homes was "proof" of the firefighters' efforts. "It's a pretty small campus," he said. "These people don't walk far from their car to where they live." The Indian Creek housing complex is located at Marine Parkway 801 along Belmont Slough. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but preliminary reports suggest it started in a parking garage trash can where a resident had previously reported seeing smoke. Investigators are interviewing residents to try to determine the cause of the fire, but Cottle said it was most likely not the apartment complex's fault. "As far as I know, Indian Creek does not appear to be at fault," he said. Cottle said it would be difficult to determine the source of the fire because of the extent of the damage. It was pointed out that the reason was that
The aftermath of a fire at a residential parking lot in Redwood Shores.Courtesy of Redwood City Fire Department and Chris DiBenedetto
"I think most of the time people put things there because they believe it's gone, not as an act of vandalism," he said. The damage would have been even worse if the fire had spread to the apartment, which is covered in wooden shingles, which are fairly heat-conducting. "It was definitely a high-risk fire in terms of risk to life," Cottle said. The complex was built in 1989 and has 185 one and two bedroom apartments.