Cars in Edgewater totaled after being frozen in storm

Dan Smith

People in Edgewater are still feeling the effects of Friday's storm. "The water rolled down the window, so it must have short-circuited it," says Naomi Kroon, owner of the affected car. "And there is debris inside." The flooded pond turned into a skating rink as temperatures plummeted Friday evening. The ice had covered several inches of the wheels and even covered the cab of the semi truck. Residents say now is a game of rushing and waiting. "We filed a complaint. We couldn't get anyone out because it was left in the flood waters," says Gabriel Mariani, owner of another affected car. "It's still a sheet of ice, so I don't know if they'll come out today." By 10 a.m. Tuesday, the temperature had warmed enough to turn the ice into a big pile of slush. The crew salted and then cleared the parking lot. Most of the cars have been totaled and are in an undesirable situation just a few days after Christmas. but most are fine Some are looking forward to their new car. "I'm going to buy a house, so it's financially difficult, I'm fine," says Mariani. "I'm having a baby soon and I wasn't looking forward to putting him in the back seat of a two-door Jeep."

Most of these cars are expected to add up as many will not be turned on as residents hope to see some movement in their claims today.