Cars Half Submerged as San Francisco Hit With Flooding Amid ‘Extreme’ Storm

Dan Smith

Photos of a submerged car in San Francisco went viral Saturday afternoon after the city was hit by flooding caused by "extreme" weather conditions. "Extreme" weather included heavy rain, snow and winds that hit various parts of California on Saturday, causing flooding and landslides after another "atmospheric river" hit the West Coast. new york times report. A storm in San Francisco broke a 173-year-old precipitation record, KRON4 reported, according to the National Weather Service. The highest precipitation record was his 2.12 inches of rain, which occurred in 1849. In San Francisco, he saw 2.96 inches of rain late Saturday morning. Twitter user Doug Lawrence Posted an 8 second video Multiple cars parked under rain and submerged due to flooding.

A weather system moving by the Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California on August 17, 2020. Photos of a submerged car in San Francisco went viral Saturday afternoon after the city was hit by flooding from an "extreme" storm. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

"From droughts to minor floods in San Francisco. Over 3.3 inches of rain in the last 24 hours," Lawrence wrote. Meanwhile, the San Francisco Fire Department announced on Twitter that all lanes of Highway 101 in Oyster Point, south of the city, were closed due to "extreme road flooding." San Francisco Fire Department said: Newsweek So far, there have been no injuries or fatalities, with "dozens" of areas affected and "dozens" of vehicles stranded due to flooding. Some videos showed drivers struggling to keep their cars on track as the highway was flooded by rain. Bloomberg His News reporter Mark Chediak said Highway 101 was hit by "severe flooding."

California Highway Patrol (CHP) spokesperson Mark Andrews said storm surges may have contributed to the flooding. San Francisco Chronicle report. The city of Palo Alto, near Purdy Park, also experienced flooding, according to Raj Mathai, newscaster for NBC-owned KNTV.

The powerful "atmospheric rivers" that cause weather conditions in San Francisco are often called the "Pineapple Express" because they move water vapor quickly from Hawaii to the West Coast. Chronicle. Flood monitoring and strong wind warnings are still in place due to heavy rains along the coast and snow covering the Sierra Nevada mountains, according to the National Weather Service. Weather forecasters were expecting heavy snowfall around Lake Tahoe in eastern California and western Nevada this weekend. The National Weather Service recently warned of "a slight chance of showers, heavy snow and thunderstorms" Saturday morning in California's Eastern Sierra region, which makes up the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, followed by rain and heavy snow in the afternoon. did. .