Best Hybrid Cars from Consumer Reports’ Tests

Dan Smith

Now is the time to hybrid
Fully electric vehicles are still experiencing growing pains, and there is still no public charging infrastructure in place to ensure you don't have to worry about running out of charge. consumer report We are telling consumers there is no reason not to go hybrid today. Not the hybrid of yesteryear
One of the takeaways for today's shoppers is that in the last two years a lot has changed for the betterment of hybrid vehicles. The focus is not just on fuel economy, but on the overall ride and ownership experience that sets today's hybrid vehicles apart from the hybrids of yesteryear. This isn't to say you should avoid the old hybrids, but the new hybrids are even better in that it makes more sense to be a hybrid now rather than continue with the traditional petrol-only models. ing. Related article: Used hybrids and hatchbacks have the best gas mileage, according to Consumer Reports analysts That said, here's an overview of the hybrid models that CR analysts are best at, along with some things to consider about each model. CR's highest-rated hybrid vehicle 2023 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Price range: $25,945 - $36,370
CR MPG: Overall 47 mpg / City 39 / Highway 53 mpg
Rated 1st out of 14 medium-sized cars Points to consider:
• Hybrid SE and XLE trims use different battery technology than the LE tested and may not achieve good overall MPG.
• The car's low stance makes it a little more difficult to access than other models.
• Rear seats aren't as spacious as some competing models. 2023 Lexus ES Hybrid
Price range: $41,020
CR MPG: Overall 42 / City 32 / Highway 52 mpg
Rated 1st out of 14 luxury midsize cars Points to consider:
• Improved infotainment touchscreen.
• Luxurious interior.
• Improved handling.
• Standard equipment includes AEB with Pedestrian Detection, AEB Highway, BSW and RCTW. 2022 Toyota Prius
Price range: $25,075 - $33,370
CR MPG: 52 mpg overall / city 43 / 59 mpg highway
Rated #1 out of 15 Points to consider:
• Moves on electric power only up to 25 miles per hour.
• Engines tend to make loud noises when electrical functions are activated.
• Seat support is mediocre.
• Tire noise is noticeable.
• Low stance makes entry and exit difficult.
• You may want to wait for next year's 2023 model. 2023 Toyota Corolla Hybrid
Price range: $21,550 - $27,175
CR MPG: Overall 48 mpg / City 37 / Highway 59 mpg
Rated 2nd out of 14 Points to consider:
• Impressive 48 mpg overall
• Acceleration is best described slowly.
• Continuously variable transmission amplifies engine noise.
• All-wheel drive available for 2023 refresh, with hybrid versions offering more trim levels to choose from. 2023 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
Price range: $27,950 - $36,250
CR MPG: 44 mpg overall / 36 city / 51 mpg highway
Ranked 9th out of 14 medium-sized cars Points to consider:
• Rough shifting of the 6-speed transmission.
• It has responsive handling but a slightly firmer ride.
• Rear seat space is ample, but the low stance makes access difficult.
• Modern cabins are marred by counterintuitive push-button gear selectors. 2022 Toyota Prius Prime
Price Range: $28,770 - $34,550
CR MPG: 69 mpg overall / city 56 / highway 81 mpg
Rated 3rd out of 15 Points to consider:
• Prime charges in 2 hours with a 240 volt connector and 5 hours with regular 120 volts.
• When not driving in electric mode, the Prime behaves much like a regular Prius.
• The Limited model's large touchscreen is not intuitive to use. 2023 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid
Price range: $24,400 - $29,000
CR MPG: Overall 48 / City 40 / Highway 55 mpg
Rated 7 out of 14 Taitai Points to consider:
• The new Elantra Hybrid is the top version of the model line with a slightly wider interior and a more sophisticated infotainment system.
• The new hybrid version has an impressive 48 mpg across the board and has a smoother ride and quieter cabin than the regular model.
• The handling is nimble, but the ride is too stiff.
• The engine becomes noisy.
• Seat comfort is decent unless the buyer gets the more expensive Limited trim.
• The vehicle has a low stance and is difficult to access. And finally… For other related articles on hybrid vehicles, please refer to the following. • Should You Buy a Toyota Camry Hybrid? Advice from a Toyota Mechanic • Toyota hybrid owner experience with aftermarket hybrid batteries • Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement Warning Timothy Boyer is an automotive reporter for Torque News, based in Cincinnati. He has early car restoration experience and regularly restores older cars by modifying the engine for better performance. Follow Tim on Twitter. @TimBoyerWrites Daily new and used car news. Image Source: Pixabay