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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon – Together Since 2003

Triple H has been part of the World Wrestling Federation for years and has been a great success in his chosen field. When he began his career, he was always under the spotlight mainly because he played against the popular The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, the now Hollywood superstar and former WWE megastar.

Triple H is an accomplished and insanely successful wrestler who has always been in the news. And when he fell in love, he made headlines again. He was dating Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince McMahon.

Their romance was a big part of promotional strategies, but cupid struck, and they fell head over in heels with love with each other. They got married soon after, and they have clocked seventeen years of marital bliss. The successful couple has come a long way, and now they spend time managing work at WWE. We wish them all the luck for a beautiful future together.

Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells – Together Since 2012

British-born, American actress Catherine Bell is a successful actress, model, and producer. Her role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the series JAG had won her praises galore and rightfully so. Among her other ventures, the series Army Wives and The Good Witch films and TV series are notable mentions.

Bell made it to the headlines after leaving her husband and father of her two kids, Adam Beason. Not that we’re unaware of couples splitting from their partners, but her story became juicier While because she left him – for another woman! Her female best friend, Brooke Daniells is an LA-based photographer and event manager, who’s in love with her.

After moving away from her previous relationship in 2011, the 51-year old got into a relationship with Daniells in 2012. The couple is head over heels in love with each other even after 8 years and together they own a luxurious 338- square foot mansion in LA.

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