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Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri – Together Since 1992

The world knows Guy Fieri as a popular restaurateur and terrific game show host who had everyone hooked to the Food Network. Fieri owns not one but three restaurants spread across California.

You may have seen him teaming up with the fellow captain, the celebrity chef, Rachael Ray in the reality television show, Rachel vs. Guy. All this popularity made sure his finances are well-taken care off and he can retire even today without thinking twice! It’s not just his professional life, his personal life has been eventful and a happy one too!

His television stint and his thriving restaurant business have enabled him to overcome some tough times, and it has all been possible because of his lovely wife Lori. They met and hit it off at a California restaurant in 1992, and their romance has been as fresh as ever now. They walked down the aisle and in 1995 and they have been the epitome of the ‘perfect couple.’ since then.

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