American nightmare: Shoppers trapped in their cars in freezing temperatures at New Jersey mall

Dan Smith

S.Many drivers were trapped in their cars after a series of accidents Monday night in a parking lot at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey, prompting many customers to abandon their vehicles as temperatures dropped.

Video footage obtained by authorities showed dozens of cars were seen stuck inside the mall's parking lot on Monday night, preventing many from exiting the facility. Lakewood Scoop. Some drivers were trapped inside their vehicles for hours, while others left their vehicles entirely in the chaos.

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It's not entirely clear what caused the traffic jam at the mall, but a security guard told the store that there was a problem with the gate at the exit of the parking lot.

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Mayhem ensues as temperatures continue to drop across the East Coast, especially the New Jersey area. East Rutherford, where the mall is located, had a temperature of 26 degrees Fahrenheit around 6:30 pm, and temperatures were expected to continue to drop overnight. of Washington Examiner I reached out to an American Dream spokesperson but did not receive a response.