AAA technicians busy installing car batteries due to cold snap – WSB-TV Channel 2

Dan Smith

Atlanta — “This car has 24 different batteries, ready to be installed,” says Evron Brown.

AAA's Brown said that's exactly what he was doing all day Friday. "Cold can get into the battery because the cell capacity is so low. It affects that battery."

Brown told Channel 2's Larry Spruill that he's been busy. "We were beaten. We were beaten. That was pretty much everything, the battery."

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Freezing weather, especially in Georgia, can seriously damage cars, Brown said. "Cold gets into the cells inside the battery and damages them. So if the battery isn't fully charged, the cold won't reactivate the cells inside."

And it gives you a dead battery. "So when a technician first visits a member's vehicle, he constantly wiggles the terminals because if the battery terminals are loose, the car won't start," he says.

Many of Braun's recent customers were caught off guard by that harsh reality. Mr. Brown said the increase in calls did not start on Friday. They've been busy the past two years when it comes to installing car batteries. car owners, battery age, weather.

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But Brown said there are ways to help your car survive the bitter cold. "It's smart for everyone to start their car for 30 minutes his three days a week, his three times a week, because the alternator keeps the battery charged."

Brown also said you should start your car 5 to 10 minutes before you get in and start the car.

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