5 unreleased cars in GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update that are worth the wait

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Rockstar Games' drip-feeding habit is strong in the recently released GTA Online DLC called Los Santos Drug Wars. While the update included new vehicles, there are still many unreleased vehicles players have been waiting for. GTA fans generally get a quick idea of ​​what such a car would look like. Most often they appear on his website in the in-game store. This article provides a list of 5 Los Santos Drug Wars DLC cars waiting to be introduced to the majority of players. Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the author.

5 cars in GTA Online that players should watch out for

1) Karin Bool

The Karin Boor is based on the real-life Subaru Brat, and many players expect it to be the best off-road vehicle in GTA Online. This type of vehicle is very popular and is known to be very useful for navigating mountain roads and desert areas. So having a new off-roader that also offers luxury becomes a very big deal. The Subaru Brat is one of the most iconic vehicles of the 70's. Those who miss his classic four-wheelers will be amazed to see a Subaru Brat-inspired car in GTA Online.

2) Tundra Panthere

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This is a two-door sports coupe that will become the go-to car for GTA Online racers the moment it's released. More importantly, it's based on the Alpine A110 2017, so players who like sports cars with futuristic features should definitely get the Toundra Panthere when it comes out. This DLC is perfect for gamers who love racing. The 800R and Entity MT certainly increased the options. And when the Toundra Panthere arrives, the update will show another great vehicle.

3) Ocelot Virtue

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This is a supercar that also works with Imani Tech and is currently one of the most anticipated releases in DLC. Such vehicles are acclaimed for providing missile lock jammers, armor plates and the potential to become remote control units. This, coupled with the hypercar Ocelot Virtue, created insane hype regarding its official release at Los Santos Drug Wars. The design inspiration for this car is the Lotus Evija. This gives Ocelot Virtue an aesthetic that makes automobiles appear in his sci-fi movies. So for those players who want to attract people's attention with their car, this is the perfect option.

4) Karin Hotring Everon

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This would be one of the weirdest inclusions in the game as it's a combination truck and race car. For anyone looking to challenge design norms and use a unique vehicle that will make others happy or angry when they see it, this is the perfect car for that. Additionally, the car is apparently based on the 2022 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro NASCAR. Anyone looking to keep up with the latest trends and stand out among other her GTA Online drivers should buy Karin Hotring Everon when it's available.

5) Winnie Issi Larry

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The Weeny Issi Rally is a new rally car in the game. It's fairly small in size but packs quite a punch and has a distinct personality. The main design of this car is a real-life Mini John Cooper Works WRC, customized as his rally machine. The Weeny Issi Rally is probably a great four-door vehicle that will be used frequently by crews during missions that require multiple players. Therefore, gamers who play games with friends will look forward to this car.
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