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5 Interesting In-Car Infotainment Systems to Watch (and Relearn)

2022 mercedes eqs hyperscreen

After familiarizing yourself with car technology and knowing exactly where everything is, relearning a new car is like learning to speak a second language.Automotive infotainment software is changing rapidly So even the most knowledgeable and seasoned automotive reviewers have to study before they can get used to a new infotainment system. He did just that recently during his week-long testing of the 10 Best Trucks, which brings together over 40 new crossovers and his SUV. Here’s his latest primer on five infotainment platforms.

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A curved dual-screen display without a cowled instrument cluster shows the new BMW running iDrive 8.0. This interface erases his five-year muscle memory since version 5.0 came out with a tiled home screen. Still, it wasn’t significantly different from version 4.0. Instead of a minor facelift, iDrive 8.0 is a complete gut job unrecognizable to current BMW owners.

Climate controls are permanently located at the bottom of the main touchscreen, but you’ll need to tap the climate menu to adjust anything other than temperature. It has big, bright widgets, but the vertical menu bar is shortened to four choices (Menu, Media, Phone, Nav).

The Genesis has a simpler layout without BMW-like app icons and rainbow splatters. On the G80 and GV80, the friendly layout is spoiled by his 14.5-inch touchscreen, so you can’t touch the right side without leaning. Instead, we prefer his 12.3-inch touchscreen on the electric GV60. This is because it is the right size and can be customized intuitively.

For example, while many car manufacturers now use 3D renderings of the exterior to reference their car setup, Genesis is more focused on rendering the interior. I found it very helpful to match the virtual viewpoint with the real view in the driver’s seat. Adjusted your back but don’t know how to program a massage? Tap the digital seat. Not sure how to change the layout of your instrument panel? Tap the mini version to see the related settings.

The two steering wheel buttons can be customized with preset functions. If you haven’t programmed them, pressing either activates the touchscreen menu settings. The same is true for Driver Assist. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Installing these shortcuts throughout your car’s software will save you time and frustration. Not everyone wants to browse all the features, and many owners may not even realize their vehicles have them.

Rivian’s infotainment is inspired by self-service kiosks from Tesla, Porsche and McDonald’s. It’s a combination of convenience and complexity. For example, there are no physical vent controls. You’ll have to tap through some menus to find Dash’s illustration, then swipe through each vent’s airflow like you’re painting with your finger. The mirrors and steering wheel column must be adjusted with the steering wheel dials, and these dials have a few more functions.

A certain movement is required in the column stalk to turn on Driver Assist (I didn’t find the lane departure warning which should be in another menu). To lock the vehicle, you have to tap the padlock icon in the top left corner of the screen. In fact, I’ve seen the locked icon many times assuming the vehicle was locked, when in fact it was the opposite.

But while Rivian is a newcomer to the automotive world, it has a good foundation in screens. Large graphics and lots of white space make it easy to switch between driving modes (each setting is well explained). The map is well organized and allows you to quickly find POIs. The main menu bar is consistent across the bottom, and the icons are large enough to navigate while driving.

On the R1T pickup, the screen opens the hood, charging port, two “gear tunnel” doors behind the cab, tailgate and tonneau cover. The Gear Guard app automatically records when someone walks near your car, including us, whenever you approach it with your keys.

mercedes benz hyper screen

The Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen makes every other car display look like a kindergarten project. Available on EQ models, including the EQS SUV, the 56-inch glass that spans the entire dash houses three separate windows: a 12.3-inch instrument panel, a 12.3-inch passenger touchscreen and a central 17.7-inch touchscreen. A screen is included. Operating the Hyperscreen and its attached electric car is similar to operating a desktop gaming PC.

mercedes benz hyper screen

8-core processors and 24 GB of memory stream two media sources on both touchscreens, navigate in augmented reality, monitor outdoor traffic and particulate matter, and GPS to activate parking cameras It’s enough to save the position and manage the exact level of perfume emitted by the car. Before you head out of the driveway, open up the vents, do some massage therapy, and say “Happy Halloween.” Flashing, swirling, fading, and shifting ambient lighting does more than an overclocked graphics card in the best home computers. The experience is engaging and distracting. It takes effort to keep your eyes on the road.

mercedes benz hyper screen

With Nav, you can easily find the charging station with one button and find the exact charger without swiping a card (after opening the charging port from another menu) or opening the phone app. can be activated. With EQS and EQE, simply tap the screen and plug in to start charging at EVGo, ChargePoint and Electrify America stations. You must complete the processes in exact order. Tapping another on-screen menu , you’ll have to redo everything to make it work, but this is a major upgrade for EV’s convenience.

For the 2023 Aria, Nissan has updated its old software to match the latest widescreen. On many other Nissan models, including the Armada, the wide display runs in a small square window that doesn’t stretch anything other than map the content across the screen. Ariya’s standard screen uses every last pixel of 12.3 inches. Add colorful tiles to your home screen with a left-aligned vertical main menu of horizontal swipes and shortcut icons.

The graphics look dated compared to the digital gauge cluster. In our eyes, it’s sharper and cleaner across multiple layouts.
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