‘2 trees, 2 cars,’ Portland family say 3rd about to fall

Dan Smith

Portland, Oregon (KPTV) - Windy, icy weather has been proven to cause tree trouble on the streets of northeastern Portland. Two trees fell on top of the family's car on Thursday morning, and his other fallen tree has also caused concern to his neighbors on the street.

Neighbors think the tree in question has been swinging all day on Friday and it's only a matter of time before it falls and hurts someone.

"or [could] Looking at the wrecked car, Abir Hakim says.

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Hakim is grateful no one was hurt when two large trees fell Thursday morning.

“I started to see two trees moving little by little,” says Hakim. "I took that little video and I was just thinking about the wind."

She says she was working from home Thursday morning and when she looked up through her window, she flipped into her driveway and crushed two cars. She says her visitor left a few minutes ago.

“In just a few seconds, both cars were down,” Hakim says. "Two trees, two cars!"

Her husband Albert has been trying to remove the tree for years, but says it's difficult to get permission from the city of Portland.

``I had cut trees before, so I applied for cutting several times,'' says Albert Hakim. "I was worried that a long branch would fall on the car and kill my daughters, visitors and neighbors, but they said we care about the tree."

A third tree is now unsettling neighbors in northeast Cliff Street. Even the slightest gust of wind can pull the roots and shake them very easily.

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“Every time there is a breeze, the root ball comes up and lifts the brick wall next to it,” says Jonah Story.

Ms. Story also said she had tried but failed to obtain a permit to cut the tree, and hopes the city will act quickly so the tree can be cut down before someone is seriously injured.

“I love trees, but trees that endanger human life are a whole different story.”