10 Sports Cars Everyone Wanted 20 Years Ago (That Didn’t Age Well)

Dan Smith

A little over two decades ago, we faced a new millennium, and so did our social and cultural preferences. I started to see cool elements that I didn't understand at the time. So in the automotive world, many models were cool in freezing temperatures. Nearly everyone wanted to get their hands on many models, including those listed here. But then there's the issue of age. Ideally, over time, we get wiser, not older. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Of course, cars have no senses, so aging is always superficial.That said, they can age gracefully and become timeless designs, or they can become bland, tacky, or even dated. sports carUnfortunately, nothing on this list was as timeless as we had hoped.

10/10 ford mustang

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The SN-95 Ford Mustang was charged with the tremendous weight of taking over the body of Fox. Many famous versions came out of this generation, like the SVT Cobra. The facelifted version, while new, is somehow degraded.

2001 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Interior
Via: Ford

Ford has attempted to incorporate its recent New Edge design language into its existing platform. The exterior was a success, but the interior remained largely unchanged. The problem was the interior with its curved dashboard that contrasted with the Stang's new clean-cut shell, a relic of the '90s.

9/10 hyundai tiburon

Hyundai Coupe Tiburon
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The Hyundai Tiburon was popular as a cheap and relatively modern sports coupe, occupying the place where value-based sports cars like the Geo Storm and Eagle Talon left.

Tiburon 2

But time hasn't been good for the old Tiburon.The first generation in particular is love it or hate it, with facelifted versions of the "spider-eye" headlights and cheesy space-age details in the interior. It was seen as edgy at the time. Now it's aged like thick milk. RELATED: Here's What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hyundai Tiburon

8/10 Pontiac Grand Am GT

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The Pontiac Grand Am is a midsize sedan based on the same platform as the Oldsmobile Alero. But unlike Alero, Grand Am had a little spice. Especially if you opt for the GT version with its Ram-Air bonnet scoop and GM's high-output 3.4-liter V6.

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As cool as it was, the low safety score and plastic interior made the Grand Am look dated over time. These can now be found in scrapyards or sold on Facebook Marketplace for half a month's salary.

7/10 ford thunderbird

2002 ford thunderbird
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The final-generation Ford Thunderbird was Dearborn's attempt to tap into the retro car craze of the early 2000s. It was his big, expensive two-seater convertible with styling cues from the 1950s.

Elise240SX via Wikimedia

It was ice cold that day, and even part of the upscale Bond car club, but its low-rent interior and impracticality made it as unclassic as it was a sign of the times.

6/10 chevrolet camaro

2002 Camaro - Front
Via Chevrolet
The Chevrolet Camaro was a star-studded, wedge-shaped rocket before taking an eight-year hiatus. A less prevalent issue at the time was that it remained relatively unchanged for a decade, with the exception of the front fascia, which did away with the pop-up headlights for safety reasons.

2002 Camaro - Rear
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The result is a car with 1990s looks and technology. When placed next to the reintroduced Camaro from 2010, the latter's cool factor doesn't even compare. RELATED: Here's Why It's Time to Start Looking for a 4th-Gen Chevrolet Camaro

5/10 toyota celica

2003 Toyota Celica GT Cropped
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Like the Tiburon, the final generation Toyota Celica sought to achieve the Y2K aesthetic.

2003 Toyota Celica GT 2 Cropped
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It may have seemed cool at the time, but such an aesthetic choice quickly became a novelty. It immediately felt like I was driving a toy rather than a full-fledged car. That said, some people may benefit from it.

4/10 Mercury Cougar

Blue 2001 Mercury Cougar C2
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The Cougar was the third entry on this list and the last generation of the famous nameplate before it was discontinued. In the case of the Cougar, it's a departure from the Thunderbird-based Grand His Tourer that the Cougar once existed, instead replacing the Ford Probe's front-wheel drive.

2001 Mercury Cougar C2 Back View
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Another product that used Ford's New Edge design language, the Cougar was a great looking liftback. However, the cheap materials and lackluster reliability meant that it never aged gracefully.

3/10 Acura 3.2 CL

3.2 Rear 3/4 view of CL Type-S
Indeed, one of the coolest cars to come out in the 1990s was the Acura Legend Coupe. Its angular body and commanding stance are combined with durable Japanese engineering. Its successor was the Acura CL, the second and final generation of which ended production about 20 years ago.

3.2 Front 3/4 view of CL Type-S

It was gorgeous and fast, especially for the Type S, but its reputation for being unreliable was unlikely. Specifically, the automatic transmission was the time bomb of these cars and their sedan version, his 3.2 TL. Keep this in mind if you find one on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for just a few bucks. RELATED: 10 Reasons Gearheads Should Buy a Used Acura TL Type-S

2/10 mitsubishi eclipse

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The generation Mitsubishi Eclipse that debuted in 2000 lacked the magic of its predecessor. It seems that This was very different from the simple, clean curves of the previous generation.

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This, along with the cheaper interior shared with Chrysler, made the Eclipse less popular than before. After all, the new version was already on sale, but the one listed was the previous version. fast and furious.

1/10 Mercedes-Benz C230 Compressor

Mercedes C230 sports coupe driving side view
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The Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor was arguably the first attempt by the renowned German automaker to create a more affordable youth model for the US market. Standard was a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, and it was one of the few Benzes available in the United States with a fabric-upholstered interior.

But most of them didn't last long, and many became scrapyard darlings. did not contribute. It was cool, but has been largely forgotten since.