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10 Proper Italian Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap To Own And Maintain

Many of us would like to own an Italian, sports car, is an expensive car to own. Most Italian sports cars all seem to have some kind of endorsement, and as a result, their values ​​remain fairly high.

That’s what most people seem to think, but the truth of the matter is that there are actually some sports cars flying under the radar for a variety of reasons. Some things, some things a little underpowered, some things most Italian cars don’t have. For now you can still access all of them.

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10/10 Fiat X1/9

Via BH Auctions

Rust protection has come a long way since these beautiful little sports cars ended production in the 80’s. That was their biggest and most obvious problem. Those that survived repaired the rot or lived in the desert.

Fiat X19 - Rear
Via BH Auctions

For the rare few that escaped the corrosive clutch, they make excellent driver’s cars. I was in balance.

9/10 Lancia Beta Spider Zagato

1974 Lancia Beta Spider front quarter view
Via Lancia

The Beta platform is actively hated by most Lancia purists, but the Beta Coupe and Spyder Zagato were great little sports cars.

mecham auction

The Spider is arguably one of the most overlooked Lancias, considering it was designed by Pininfarina and manufactured by Zagato. Unfortunately, like many of the cars on this list, it was prone to corrosion.

8/10 fiat 124 spider

Front shot of a green 1975 Fiat 124 Sport Spider
bring the trailer

Being made by Fiat was bad enough for most Italian sports cars, and having the Fiat badge was basically a curse.

Fiat 124 Spider - Rear
Via Mecum Auction

Intimidated by the badge, most collectors avoid the 124. But the 124 was actually a great sports car. The sportier Abarths of this era are now quite collectible, but the base model originals are still available and are considerably cheaper to run.

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7/10 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0

1. 2004 Alfa Romeo GTV & Spider
via medium

In the ’90s, Alfisti hesitated at the idea of ​​front-wheel drive for his prized GTV. It was a weird move, but Fiats in the 90s were kind of weird.

Alfa Romeo GTV Spider
Via Stellantis Media

What those fans don’t know is that the more affordable 2.0-liter Spider is nimble, beautiful, and simply fun to drive. Still underrated to this day, the Alfisty is slowly getting over the entire front drive, so the price won’t last much longer.

6/10 FIAT Dino Spider

Fiat Dino Spider - Front Quarter
bring the trailer

Let’s face it, these cars are still pretty expensive to own and operate (Ferrari engines), but they’re ridiculously cheap when compared to the classic Ferrari Dino.

Fiat Dino Spider - Rear
Via Mecum Auction

The fact that Ferrari handed this over to Fiat is very notable, as they don’t hand over the engine to anyone. They chose to put his one of these engines into their GT car and called it the Dino, without breaking into its Ferrari heart.

5/10 fiat 850 spider

1973 Fiat 850 Spider
Via: Classic Car

Although it is a 7/8 scale, it is a genuine sports car designed by Mr. Gigairo. This is probably the most affordable Italian classic sports car money can buy.

1967 Fiat 850 Spider: Affordable classic sports car.
Via: Hemmings

However, there is a reason why the value did not rise so much because it can only put out about 50 horsepower. However, it can eventually reach around 90 mph. It’s light, agile, fun to drive, and everything you could ask for in an affordable sports car.

4/10 Lancia Monte Carlo

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo - Rear
Via Classic Garage

This is clearly related to the infamous Beta, and we have to come to terms with the fact that it was mostly made of cheese. Then you’ll find that everything else is nearly perfect.

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo - Reception
Via Classic Garage

The 2.0-liter twin cam is also fearless, and since it is mounted in the center, it is also excellent at cornering.

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3/10 alfa romeo spider

alfa romeo spider
Via: Historic Auctioneers

Alfa Romeo nameplates are not associated with any form of authenticity. However, it is an amazing value compared to other convertibles.

1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio_
Via BaT

Although quite slow by modern standards, it provides an unrivaled driving experience.These cars were sold in high volumes and had such a long production life that spares were easy to find and these engines were used by other Italian It is considerably stronger than the twin cam.

2/10 fiat 124 spider abarth

Via Fiat

When Fiat announced it would be rebooting the 124 nameplate, nobody paid much attention to the car, expecting the worst.

FIAT 124 Spider Abarth
Alfa Romeo in Winter Haven

The fact that it’s based on the MX-5 platform has turned some fans against. Objectively, it’s a perfect MX-5. What if it got a more sophisticated powertrain and Italian style, and had an injection of “soul”?

1/10 Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C - front
Via: Alfa Romeo

After asking Alpha to build a sports car again, when they finally built it, they ended up being bombarded with a large amount of anti-aircraft fire for various reasons.

Alfa Romeo 4C - Rear
Via: Mecham

Chief among them is the fact that they simply charged too much for it.

Source: FCA Heritage, Haggerty, Bring Your Trailer