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US Compensates for Some “Havana Syndrome” Victims with 6 Digit Payments

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According to parliamentary aides and former officials familiar with the matter, the Biden administration has given diplomats and intelligence personnel from around $ 100,000 each to supplement a mysterious health problem known as “Havana Syndrome.” I will pay $ 200,000.

The payment plan is a multi-year promotion by Congress, which passed a law last fall requiring the State Department and the CIA to indemnify current and former officials suffering from what the government calls the Apnea-Hypopnea (AHI). It is the culmination of.

Despite six years of research, the United States is still uncertain about the causes of symptoms such as headaches, vision problems, dizziness, and brain fog. Health problems were first reported between US diplomats and intelligence officers working in Cuba. Although it is the capital, it has been reported on all continents except Antarctica since then.

Six-digit payments are paid to those who are determined to be suffering from the most serious setbacks, such as unemployment or career derailment, as well as others because the plan has not been approved for release. Those who explained the plan spoken on anonymous terms said.

U.S. officials have warned that the scope of coverage is not yet final and may change as State Department regulations go through the final stages of the review process coordinated by the Office of Management and Budget.

The CIA has determined this winter that foreign countries are probably not behind a “global campaign to hurt Americans with weapons and mechanics.” This is an assessment that casts doubt on long-standing speculation that health problems are the result of a mysterious directed-energy weapon. By Russian or Chinese agent.

Government investigators have investigated more than 1,000 cases, most of which are due to existing medical conditions or the environment or other factors. Dozens of other reported cases remain unexplained.

Some officials said the package was generous as the words of the compensation package came to the federal workforce, while others said the future and past income of those who suffered severe neurological damage. Given the loss of, he said the coverage was inadequate. It doesn’t work anymore.

The Biden administration has not yet released criteria on how to determine eligibility for compensation, but it will be announced shortly. schedule.

Under Havana law, Parliament empowered the Secretary of State and the Director of the CIA to determine eligibility. This has already raised concerns about whether diplomats and intelligence personnel will be treated the same.

“It is important that the CIA and the state implement the Havana Act in the same way. Include using the exact same criteria covered by compensation. Formerly USG senior CIA officer Mark Polymoroplos said. After visiting Moscow in 2017 and helping run a covert operation in Russia, he retired in 2019 with symptoms such as painful headaches.

Given that there is no solid evidence of what is causing the disease and it is not possible to establish a clear diagnosis of a wide range of symptoms that can sometimes be debilitating, devising a compensation plan is a U.S. government official. It was especially difficult for me.

State Department and CIA officials said Thursday that Havana law allowed authorities to provide payments to employees for “eligible brain injuries.”

According to CIA officials, the two agencies are working with the National Security Council on how payment systems work and will soon have more information.

Officials added that the law provides the CIA and other agencies with “the right to pay employees, eligible families, and other individuals associated with the CIA.”

“As Secretary Burns emphasized, nothing is more important to him and the CIA leaders than taking care of our people,” officials said, referring to CIA Director William J. Burns. rice field.

Employees of the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and other agencies have a new two-hour period to screen for potential new cases that physicians or other practitioners can administer to U.S. personnel assigned to overseas missions. Jointly developed a medical trial.

The triage process includes visual, vestibular, and blood tests, but not brain imaging. This reflects the ever-changing and sometimes controversial science of injury. Some doctors have previously identified “perceptible changes” in the brain as a result of an obvious attack, but state ministry doctors believe the scan is not scientifically valid. I am saying.

Officials also aim to better educate medical staff on missions around the world and direct them to embrace the experience of potential victims. And they emphasize that skepticism is no longer the norm.

In January, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the State Department, like the CIA, is focused on providing health care to those in need and will continue to look for the causes behind health problems. ..

“We continue to leverage all our resources to learn more about these incidents, and there are additional reports that follow. We leave no problems,” he writes. ..

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