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PALMDALE — This week, the debate over the granting of funded grants from Measure AV to local nonprofits continued, and there was no end to it.

Over a two-day period, the council addressed this issue or several other items, as only three members attended Thursday after hearing nearly three hours of public comments focused primarily on grant programs. I couldn’t vote. Members Juan Carrillo and Laura Bettencourt.

Instead, it is expected to be heard again at the Council meeting on July 13.

This item was on the agenda of the city council at the meeting on Wednesday, but the meeting started nearly an hour and a half late when the private session of the city council was delayed. After listening to nearly two hours of public comments, the meeting reached the required downtime. At 10:30 pm, the motion to continue beyond the mandated time of Mayor Steve Hoffbauer disappeared in less than a second. At that point, the council did not address any of the business items on the agenda and continued the meeting until Thursday night.

On Thursday, Lore had to consider some items on the agenda, including a major AV grant, if two members were absent, at the start of a continuation meeting in which Hoffbauer and Councilor Austin Bishop were absent. Stated.

“There is a quorum, but not all members are here,” he said.

Public comments lasted about an hour, which was also primarily about grants.

The Measure AV Community Grant Program has faced some controversy since its first year, when a list of recommended grants was first published last month.

The program is designed to use $ 1.5 million in sales tax revenue, which is higher than initially expected, and grants to local nonprofits and businesses that meet the criteria set through a competitive application process. Will be awarded.

Grants include veterans, seniors, endangered youth, youth sports programs, religious communities, mental health, food and shelter, homelessness, community-based police, and public park programs. , Adjusted to fit the purposes outlined in the Major AV Language. , Emergency preparation and crime prevention.

Staff reported that the city received 84 applications, demanding a total of more than $ 5.5 million.

After reviewing the application, the selection committee decided to award $ 1.3 million to 29 projects. These grants range from $ 2,000 to $ 250,000.

This week, as in previous meetings since the nomination recipients were announced, the council faced criticism of the selected recipients.

Many speakers argued that the program did not give sufficient awards to programs supporting poorly serviced communities, especially Salva, the Union for the Rights of Humanitarian Immigrants, and the Dolores Fuerta Foundation. ..

Salva was encouraged to receive the second highest grant of $ 177,500 instead of the required $ 355,000 for programs to build a healthy community in Palmdale and close the gap. CHIRLA is the fifth highest of the 29 community service projects.

This year, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, which received MeasureAV funding to work with a poorly serviced community, especially the homeless, was not recommended for grants under the new program.

Many homeless and Foundation-served people talked about how organizations helped them when other organizations couldn’t.

These organizations also help undocumented migrants, among other concerns, and are subject to many comments, including many of the Associated State of Palmdale, who said the city should not support their efforts. was.

Some speakers also said that Carilo should withdraw from the decision as he received support from Salva for his parliamentary campaign.

Concerns were also expressed about the selection method of the winners and the role of the major AV monitoring committee.

In addition to awarding Measure AV grants, the Council will later charge a price list associated with the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget, Palmdale’s Community Choice Energy Program, when more members are expected to attend. Continued to decide on the ordinance. Regarding the method and related appointments of appointing members of the planning committee.

The budget will be considered at a special meeting on June 29 to meet the state’s budget deadline of June 30, Lore said.

Other items will be announced next month, saying that there is no particular urgency.


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