Cal City Boys: Adoptive Parents Indicted with New Indictment | News

Bakersfield — The adoptive parents of Orrin and Orson West have been charged with new charges of involuntary mansions and plots.

Trezell and Jacquline West, arrested in March for murdering Orrin (4 years old) and Orson (3 years old), face a total of seven charges each.

The indictment was filed on June 10, after a grand jury, which included a new indictment in addition to the original indictment, replaced the indictment.

Today, Western nations face two murders and two child atrocities, respectively, misreporting emergencies, involuntary mansions, and plots.

Alekxia Torres-Stallings, a lawyer at Jacqueline West, asked clients to set bail, but Judge Judith K. Dulcich said both defendants would continue to be detained without bail. At a later date.

The bodies of Orrin and Orson have not been found, and prosecutors have not given details on how to die or how to proceed with defense.

“I would like to emphasize that the fact that law enforcement did not find their bodies is

Eliminate murder prosecution. In fact, hundreds of murders have been successfully prosecuted across the United States, “said Cynthia Zimmer, Kern County District Attorney, in March 2022.

The trial is still scheduled for July 25th.

Orrin and Orson were reported missing from the California City family backyard in December 2020. Dozens of searches were conducted in California City and Bakersfield, where West originally lived with four other children.

Prosecutors say the boys died three months before they were reported missing.

Trezel West told the media that he had chopped firewood outside and accidentally left the postern open, speculating that the boys had left the area unattended alone.

A week later, Bakersfield police took over the investigation from California City police.

A gag order was issued after Kern County District Attorney Eric Smith demanded that both parties not reveal information about Trezel and Jacqueline. In addition, the judge approved a request to seal the grand jury’s writing records and all investigation warrants related to the investigation.

According to the indictment, Trezel and Jacqueline “invited others to join a crime committee or took a leading or dominant position in that committee”, and He has been accused of “inducing minors to commit or support them.” Crime Commission. “

The couple were also accused of “unlawfully preventing or preventing witnesses from being threatened, witnesses witnessing, perjury, or somehow illegally interfering with judicial proceedings,” and “criminal. The method is planning, sophistication, or professionalism. “

The Criminal Protection Order prohibits the West from seeing two biological children and the other two adopted children. Prosecutors sought orders, fearing that the West would affect children in the case.


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