Vlogger shares the experience of purchasing a 60-year-old Hindustan Ambassador

The Hindustan Ambassador is a car that occupies a special place in the hearts of Indian car enthusiasts and has been a popular car that has been in production for decades. It was the first car manufactured in India and was popular among politicians and governments. .. Production of the Hindustan Ambassador stopped in 2014, and there are some well-maintained examples of the same that are still available in India today. Some of them are also introduced on our website. Here is a video of Rakesh, a miniature car maker. Babu of Sudus Customs purchased the 1962 Mark 2 Hindustan Ambassador and also revealed his future plans. RakeshBabu has manufactured many small cars such as this Willys Jeep and this VW Beetle.

This video has been uploaded to the YouTube channel by suduscustom. In this video, Rakesh Babu and his friends travel to Trivandrum to pick a car. The former owner of the sedan, a friend of Rakesh Babu, had informed him of that. Car Bab wanted to check the condition of the car first and then decide whether to buy it. Mark 2 Hindustan Ambassador, but the owner has repaired the car. Mr. Bab was in good condition. And the transaction was closed.

After buying a car, start driving to your home near a 170 km or 4-5 hour drive, while stopping video demonstrating the condition of the car. This owner also mentions the owner of this car. The sedan had been repaired in the past, but because it hadn’t been used for a long time, the car panels began to rust and many of the car panels were replaced during the repair process.

The car has a front grille for posterity ambassadors. RakeshBabu states that procuring the original Mark 2 type grill is very difficult and will definitely replace it if encountered. The chrome and nickel plated bumpers were lost. Car headlamps and chrome hubcaps are all stock units. One of the rear fender panels is completely rusted and some are missing. Rust problems on license plates, bumpers and tailgates.

The interior of the car has also been restored, and the original bench seat has been changed to a bucket seat with a custom-made seat cover. The rear seats are also leather-covered to provide a comfortable seating experience for the occupants. The dashboards are all original and most of the lights and gauges work. The steering wheel has been replaced and is now using a different model of steering wheel. The horn and light stems have also been rearranged.

Rakesh Babu states that the car was initially equipped with a gasoline engine, but was later replaced with a 1.5-liter diesel engine. This car is officially a paper diesel car. This is a 1962 model Hindustan Ambassador for cars 60 years ago. , It looks decent. RakeshBabu states that the car is mechanically sound and plans to completely restore the car in the future.


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