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The outbreak of COVID-19 at a California correctional facility has severely restricted authorities from moving, programming, and visiting the facility, according to a spokesperson for the California Correctional and Rehabilitation Department.

In a June 10 report of confirmed COVID-19 cases of individuals imprisoned in a CDCR facility, a California prison was at the top of the list, with 323 active detention cases.

On Friday, June 10, direct visits were closed throughout the state’s prison system so that personnel could receive mandatory training, which was unrelated to the outbreak in California City. “With all or part of the other 11 people in the state.

Dana Simas, a spokesman for the CDCR, said that all facilities follow guidance from federal beneficiaries on prison health care and public health, significantly limiting on-going facility travel, programming, and visits. He said he was strictly following the roadmap to resumption.

The California City prison was built by the Corrections Corporation of America (now known as CoreCivic). Since late 2016, it has housed CDCR prisoners and is run by CDCR staff. As of June 8, the population of 2,016 imprisoned people.

It is one of the five state prisons in Kern County. As of June 10, there were 33 prisoners in North Khan Prison, 14 in Wasco Prison, 6 in Khan Valley Prison, and 4 in Tehachapi’s California Correctional Facility.

The next highest number of prisons in prisons across the state on June 10 was 97 in Vacaville’s California State Prison Solano, 81 in San Luis Obispo’s California Men’s Colony, and 77 in Amador County’s Mule Creek State Prison. did. 56 Central California Women’s Facilities in Madera County.

In nearby Lancaster, there were only two active prisoners on June 10 in Los Angeles County, California Prison.

The number of active reports of California City officials on June 10 was surprisingly low, and in fact, in the case of eight active officials, the prison was tied to the Chakkawara Valley State Prison in Riverside County, with the lowest number of officials. , The number of staff was the highest. Reported in the California Men’s Colony (79). The CCI reported cases of 21 active staff.

Simas has not commented on what could have caused a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in California City Prison.

“CDCR and CCHCS have taken ongoing steps to protect the people who lived, worked and visited in state prisons from COVID-19,” she said.

Simas added that the CDCR vaccination program has completely vaccinated 75% of the imprisoned population and 62% of California City prison staff, “a significant increase from the fall.

“We have also made great strides in administering boosters to all eligible imprisoned persons and staff who wish to receive boosters,” she said.


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