The Predator franchise is back with a great prey trailer

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Predator is back, but it’s not your idea. Not only heading to the past, but also to Hulu. The latest in the highly successful SF / Horror series, PreyHas just released a trailer and tells a story of Predator that is very different from the past. Set 300 years ago, the Predator hunt in this story goes to the Great Plains of the United States, where he meets a young Comanche warrior (Amber Midthunder). ) As the official trailer shows, those who can’t go down without a fight. With the release of a short teaser last year, this complete trailer offers a much broader and better view of how the story unfolds. The movie will premiere in August on Hulu 5.

As the fifth movie of the famous movie Predator Franchise, Prey The trailer shows the Predator, who is believed to have visited Earth for the first time in the 1700s. As you’ve seen in previous movies, pick up one Comanche member one by one and start hunting. , It encounters a terrifying enemy in Naru, a young woman trained by the greatest hunters of her tribe. She uses her skills and her knowledge of the terrain to gain an advantage and fight the ultimate hunter. The franchise seems to return to its original roots without much reliance on the CGI and special effects seen in previous movies. Prey It will premiere on Hulu in the United States and Disney’s Star Streaming service elsewhere.

Naru first encountered a predator with a bear and was hunting from beneath. After that, she was forced to discover exactly what she was facing and use her wisdom to protect the people of her tribe. Prey The trailer has some stunning visuals that can remind fans of the original jungle settings. Predator..It was probably intentional: the last entry in the series, 2018 PredatorHas proved to be a serious box office revenue failure and that more special effects and wall-to-wall actions cannot overcome bad scripts.

Actress Amber Midthunder is an unlikely Disney Princess (now in the 20th century) Predator The franchise is owned by the House of Mouse), but she’s a familiar face to fans of the genre and has appeared in the FX Marvel series. Legion, She played Kelly Loudermilk. Kelly Loudermilk could kick Kelly Loudermilk depending on the situation. Prey The trailer proves that she can pull her physicality apart to play a sturdy warrior, and those two minutes should have everything Predator Fans are looking forward to the future. Other mid-thunder credits include: Longmire, Hell or High WaterWhen Roswell, New Mexico..She also co-starred with Liam Neeson on Netflix Ice roadSo she’s not a stranger to the action genre.

Dan Trachtenberg (Director) 10 cloverfield lane) This return Predator It’s a franchise, not a restart of the series, it seems to be the first part. Prey The trailer does not suggest a connection to the original movie, but it is widely reported that the movie depicts Predator’s first hunt on Earth.John Davis, who made the original movie Predator The movie also produces this entry. Jhane Myers (God monster), Like the protagonist, is a member of the Comanche nation, an executive producer, and hopes that this film will provide a genuine and accurate portrayal of Comanche, despite the elements of science fiction and horror. Native American cast, Stormy Kip, including his first movie role, Dakota Beaver.Sooyii), Michelle Slash (Journey home), And Julian Black Antelope (tribe).

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