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Boron-Boron Middle School held 40th The annual Academic Awards Banquet will be held in the school’s multipurpose room from 5 pm on Tuesday, May 24th. The banquet part of the event consisted of try chips, salads, dinner rolls and mixed vegetables. Students and teachers served everyone. Attending dinner, desserts could be purchased from Miss Madeline. Dinner ended around 6 pm. The multipurpose room was decorated in courtesy of an art student at Boron Middle School and his teacher, Mrs. Ortiz, a history teacher. ..

After the supper part, Dr. David Elms, Principal of Boron Middle School, welcomed everyone and thanked Neil and Debbie Davis for cooking the meat for the supper. Opened. A pledge of allegiance, Dr. Elms then introduced a member of the board of directors of the Mullock Joint Unified School District, which moved on to awarding the award.

The first award awarded was the Tony Kilberg Principal’s Award, which was given to seniors who worked diligently on Boron High School, just as Mrs. Kilberg showed when she was Principal at Boron High School. The winner of the Tony Kilberg Memorial was Michael Garcia. The next award was the Cook Robertson Spirit Award. The award is named after Connie Cook and Ginny Robertson, cheerleaders at Boron High School who were tragically killed in a car accident in 1964. In a basketball game, coach Sal Bursey and his wife Pat. The Cook-Robertson Spirit Award was awarded to Aiden Miller, and Boron High School Senior Michael Garcia was named the May Student of the Month by California State 36th District Assembly. Certificate was presented with Tom Lucky on May 13th.

The following undergraduate awards were presented by the teacher. High School Arts Winner Kaycee Walsh, Middle School Arts Winner Georgen Rundsblade, High School Industrial Arts Winner James Hixon, High School Aerospace Winner William Matthews, Middle School Aerospace Winner Braeden Crowe, High School Spanish Winner Zerin Martz, High School English Winner Brandon Cano Aguilar, Middle School English Winner Blake Caillier, High School Science Winner Chaise Updike, Middle School Science Winner Blake Caillier, High School Sociology Winner Tatum Wiggs, Middle School Sociology Winner Blake Caillier, High School Mathematics Winner Addison Taro, junior high school mathematics winner Blake Kaillier, high school physical education winner Victorio Pico, junior high school physical education winner Blake Kaillier, high school band winner Charles Johnson, junior high school band winner Alonso Curiel Contreras, Choir Winner Bella Job, Varsity Maslet Winner Jason Richardson, Varsity Maslet Winner Bradley Wiggs, Gil l’s Athletics Winners Graycnn Heigel and Kaili York, Boys’ Athletic Winners Mykel McClendon, ASB Winners Jason Richardson, Principal Award winners:th Alijah Olds and Chandler Jackson, 10th grade Xavier Davies and Nikolas Hickey, 11th grade. Ian Roberton and Chaise Updike, 12th grade Chance Jackson and Aiden Miller. The winner of the Golden Bobcat Men’s Award is Leiden Singer, and the winner of the Golden Bobcat Women’s Award is Addison Taro. The winner of the Senior Male Athletes Award was Michael Garcia, and the winner of the Senior Female Athletes Award was Tatam Wigs. The Bobcat Spirit Awards were held as follows: 7th grade Caliwolf, 8th grade Bella Job, 9th grade Emeria Flores, 10th grade William Matthews 11th grade Aden Hanson and 12th grade Aiden Miller. The 8th grade awards are as follows: The best scholars are Bella Job and Blake Caillier, leadership is Jace Kostopolous and Bella Job, Citizenship is Brynn Dadey and Christopher Gardner, and Best All Around is Jalen York and Mia Naples.

The 2022 Valedictorian Boron High School classes are: Brandon Cano Aguilar, Greyken, Heigel, Addison Taro, Tatam Wiggs. The 2022 Salutatorian Boron High School class is Michael Garcia.

Mojave Desert News would like to thank everyone who attended the award ceremony. I would also like to congratulate all the winners and all the students for their hard work over the past year. Boren Middle School teachers, faculty and staff, and members of the board of directors of the Mullock Joint Unified School District.


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