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India engages Russia, China and the United States in Afghanistan, Taliban says national terrorism is free

New Delhi: As the world continues to focus on Ukraine, India is strengthening its involvement with all stakeholders in Afghanistan, a country of great importance to India’s own security.
The NSA Agit Doval departs for Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan on Thursday, and after seizing power last August, a region to consider the situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban have been accused of abandoning their promises, especially for protection. Participated in the security dialogue. Of the rights of women and girls.
However, prior to Friday’s meeting, the Taliban told the TOI that it was in compliance with the Doha Agreement and did not allow anyone in neighboring countries or regions to use Afghan soil.
“If anyone has a problem, we are ready to speak and solve it in peaceful ways. We hope Afghanistan will become a trading hub. To that end, We want to have good relationships and cooperation with everyone. Now it’s for others. In Afghanistan, pressure tactics have never worked. ”
At the Dushanbe conference, Doval is expected to emphasize that Pakistan-based terrorist groups are not allowed to use Afghanistan to target India and other countries in the region. Remarks about terrorism are especially important for India. Nothing undermines India’s security interests, and he expressed his deep appreciation for India’s decision to send 50,000 tonnes of wheat overland to Afghanistan, setting aside the difference from Islamabad.
Doval will be attending a conference in Tajikistan on Friday with counterparts from Russia, China, Iran and all Central Asia. A bilateral conference will also be held.
A few days before the meeting, India also hosted a US special envoy of Afghanistan’s Thomas West on Wednesday. The timing of the meeting is important, suggesting that despite the rapid withdrawal of the United States last year, the government has stepped out, but believes the United States is still important. Stakeholders. Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar recently accused the West of throwing Afghan civil society under the bus while answering questions about India’s position on Ukraine.
In a post-meeting tweet, Thomas West said India “is interested in providing and protecting important humanitarian aid and brings enormous capacity and experience to assist the people of Afghanistan.” Stated.
“We will continue to work with others in India and the region to advance our common goals,” he said.
The security dialogue in Dushanbe follows the NSA-level conference hosted by Doval in November. He is expected not only to focus on terrorism, but also to emphasize the need for an inclusive government in Afghanistan to control women’s rights. , Children and minorities.
The Taliban have been criticized by the international community for cracking down on women’s rights and violating human rights in recent months.
Earlier this week, the UNSC called on the Taliban to swiftly overturn policies and practices that limit the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women and girls in Afghanistan, and is deeply concerned about the “increasing decline in respect for human rights by the Taliban.” Was expressed.


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