McCarthy, Garcia and Obernorte Secure $ 10.2 Million at Edwards Air Force Base’s AFRL Rocket Laboratory | News

Today, Congressman McCarthy announced that Test Stand 1-C at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Aerospace Systems Bureau Rocket Propulsion Department (AFRL Rocket Lab) at Edwards Air Force Base will be reopened. Assigned by the US Department of Defense Test Resource Management Center (TRMC). $ 10.2 million for refurbishment of Test Stand 1-C, an important test facility to support the development of solid rocket motors and launch vehicle systems. It sent a letter to TRMC urging McCarthy, MP Mike Garcia (CA-25), and MP Jay Obernorte (CA -08) to fund this project.

Congressman issued the following statement:

“Some of our country’s most advanced R & D efforts, including AFRL Rocket Lab, are born from our community. Reactivation of Test Stand 1-C will take up space in our country. It shows the resurgence of AFRL Rocket Lab, which has made incredible progress to support. By modernizing and resuming Test Stand 1-C, the testing of solid rocket motors has been improved and the initial design. It provides important information such as risk detection, enhances mission effectiveness, and reduces the risk of rocket and missile failures in flight. Chief of George Rumford and AFRL Rocket Lab, Deputy Directors of the Test Resource Management Center. Thanks to Dr. Shawn Phillips for his efforts to ensure that AFRL Rocket Lab is in the right position for the future. “ – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

“In March, leader McCarthy, Congressman Obernorte and I sent a letter to the Pentagon stating that the large vertical solid rocket test stand at Edwards Air Force Base needs to be reactivated and upgraded. We are pleased to hear that the Department of Defense has listened to our strong encouragement and decided to resume the program. Resuming Test Stand 1-C will allow the United States to continue to innovate. Continuing will significantly improve the weapons and launch system and make it safer against enemies. Resuming this program will also support commercial space vendors and provide employment growth and financial opportunities in the 25th District of California. Is brought about. “” – – Rep. Mike Garcia

“Design and engineering work at Edwards Air Force Base is important for accelerating defense strategy and maintaining military capabilities, and is essential to support both government and commercial space activities. We are pleased to agree with the Pentagon. Evaluate and reactivate Test Stand 1-C at the Air Force Base in Southern California to help position US R & D efforts for continued success. . ” – Rep. Jay Obernorte


  • On March 8, 2022, McCarthy, Garcia, and Obernorte representatives sent a letter to the Department of Defense urging the Pentagon to refurbish the AFRL Rocket Institute. You can read the letter here.
  • On May 4, 2022, George Rumford, Deputy Director of the Department of Defense’s Test Resource Management Center, replied that efforts to refurbish Test Stand 1-C would begin this year. This letter is here.
  • Since 1952, AFRL Rocket Lab has been the foundation for advancing the most important rocket propulsion technology in the United States. AFRLRocket Lab continues this tradition by fostering a thriving commercial space industry that contributes to key technological advances and significantly advances national priorities.


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