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Is the PLA mobilization for the Taiwan emergency true? | World News

A Chinese-born human rights activist has released an audio clip. In this audio clip, it is alleged that top Chinese military officials have been heard discussing the invasion and defeat of US troops in Taiwan in the coming months.

The 57-minute leaked voice, believed to have originated from China’s Top War Generals’ meeting, was made by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and enhanced by cyberwarfare, orbital space weapons, and Chinese revitalization, land invasion. Reveals a detailed plan of. Citizens currently incorporated into businesses and governments around the world.

Even when China’s top diplomats warned the United States that they were on the “wrong path” in support of Taiwan, this revelation is a comment that involves Beijing sending military aircraft back to the island.

Beijing’s diplomat Yang Jiechi said Washington should “clearly understand the situation,” according to a statement posted online by its Foreign Ministry.

In what claimed to be the first such top-secret military conference recorded, obtained and published, Jennifer Zen said this was the largest aggressive rebellion from within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army. Claimed to be.

“One lieutenant and three generals were executed, and after this top secret file was leaked, many other generals were arrested. This is the most serious political rebellion in the history of #CCP. These brave men wanted to give the world an early warning, “she tweeted.

“A complete video of PLA’s #WarMobilizationMeeting 4 General’s explosive leak was performed and many were arrested after this file was published. This is the largest aggressive rebellion from within the #CCP army. It is said that there is! The whole thing should be a concern, “she tweeted. Audio link.

The meeting was alleged to have taken place on May 14, and the audio was first leaked by LudeMedia.

Lude Media said audio recordings were leaked by senior CPC personnel who wanted to publish Xi Jinping’s plans in Taiwan, and that Intel’s operations were planned and acquired by Lude Media along with allies within the CPC. ..

The recording, coded in many military terms, revealed the Xi Jinping administration’s detailed plans for crossing the Taiwan Strait, South China Sea, East China Sea, and first island chain, ultimately achieving a strategic victory over the United States.

The audio content is reportedly that the meeting was to discuss prewar preparations. Various voices can be heard in the voice. Looking at the discussion, Guangdong Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Governor and Deputy Governor attended the meeting separately from others who could not be identified.

Audio clips suggest that a meeting was held to discuss an orderly transition from normal to war, military plans and mobilization. Three tasks were discussed, including establishing a defense mobilization command system, implementing a wartime working mechanism, and implementing wartime oversight preparations. At a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee.

The conference also focuses on ensuring stable production and the security of the supply of important strategic materials, without hesitation to crush Taiwan’s independent forces and start a war, national sovereignty and territorial integrity. It mentions a firm advocacy of conservation.


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