No Cal City hits Wargo wins 10-0 Broncs

Khan Valley sophomore Zackwago stepped into the history of Bronx with Khan Valley defeating Ravens 10-0 and setting up a no-hitter no-run against California City. | MaxPreps

On May 10, Khan Valley sophomore Zackwago stepped into Bronx history with Khan Valley defeating Ravens 10-0 and setting up a no-hitter no-run against Cal City.

Bronx collected only four hits on their own, but split the six walks and six Ravens errors into ten runs to win a runaway victory.

First, Bronx provided Wago with all the support he needed, leading 2-0. TJ Thunders drove Wago on the first run of the game on Sacrifice Fly. The RBI was Thunders’ 50th career run. Bronck uniform.

KV added 2 runs in the second and filled the 4-0 lead with 3 runs in the fifth. The sixth of the three runs put the game in the realm of mercy 10-0. Sanders, Braxton Farnum, Sethstockwell and Chris Lopez each scored one hit, Sanders ran three runs with one and two sacrifice flies, and Wago also struck a sacrifice fly. In the base pass, Bronx stole 11 bases in 11 attempts. Sanders stole three bags, Braden Riberio stole three, and Wago swiped two.

On the mound, Wargo improved to 3-4 with a no-hitter no-run in 6 innings, walked 1, hit 10 and faced 20 batters in 6 innings, with one Raven reaching the error.

Wago’s only walk was initially a one-out full-count free pass. He needed only 78 pitches and the hit ball did not leave the infield against him. He threw fastball, curve, and strikeout changes to complete the gem in six times. End the game by inning with a pop-up to the catcher and continuous strikeouts.

With this victory, Bronx’s season marks were 10-12 and 6-7 in HDL play.

Two days later, Bronx fell to the Bishop Union with a 21-1 rout, KV won the only run on the first run, and BU poured it with a 17-hit attack.

Lady Bronx loses two things close to Ravens and Broncos

In a tough two-defeat week, Lady Bronx lost a tight match pair in a total of three runs.

Cal City Ravens protected their home ground and withstood a fierce Lady Broncs rally over KV 8-6 on May 10. CalCity first recorded 5 runs and KV regained all the games. With a triple and run score ground out by Alaina Check and a fourth triple by Kaila Gholson triple and run score ground out, Cal City came back with a 3 at the 4th bottom to take an 8. Lady Bronx rallied with four runs for the sixth time with error, fielder selection, RBI single by Delaney Lekins, single to Ava Elliott, walk to Molly Watson, and two-run single by check. Lady Broncs is as close as possible to get.

Elliott went 3 to 3, the check hit twice and led the KV in two runs.

In the next match, it was discovered that the seven Lady Bronx errors were remedied as Khan Valley lost to the Bishop Union 3-2 on May 12.

Kahn Valley took the first 1-0 lead on a lead-off walk to Abba Bates, a two-out single with stolen base and Haley Tedlow, and two KV errors led Bishop Union to draw the match a second time. .. Bishop took a 3-1 lead in the fourth round due to two more KV errors between two BU hits. It’s a Tedlow single, but that’s all the KVs were able to get together, and the score ended at 3-2. Kahn Valley beat Bishop Union 4-3, Molly Watson threw 7 innings, allowed 3 hits, and had no earned run. Of the seven.


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