Evan Rachel Wood is back (as a new character?)

The mysterious new Westworld Season 4 trailer reveals the resurrection of series star Evan Rachel Wood-probably not as her character Dolores.

Mysterious new Westworld The Season 4 trailer teases Evan Rachel Wood’s surprise return in an unknown role. Wood portrayed the future theme park Android host Dolores Avanasy in the first three seasons of the show. Season 4 of the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy HBOSF drama was announced in April. It is scheduled to debut in 2020 and June 2022.

After getting out of control of Delos Inc. and out of range of the Westworld theme park Westworld In Season 3, Dolores brought the revolution to the outside world in Los Angeles in 2053. After aiming to destroy Insight’s incredibly powerful predictive AI Rehoboam, Dolores succeeded in a mission with the help of Caleb (Aaron Paul) and Maeve (Thandiwe Newton).But when her memory was erased, Wood sacrificed her own life, despite the apparent death of her Dolores. Westworld Season 4 set video shot by a fan who saw a character in Dolores costume.

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Now released newly Westworld A season 4 trailer shared by HBO reveals Wood’s return.It doesn’t look like anything to me,“Vie de France has a glimpse of the return cast of the next season’s series, Lou Reed’s “A perfect day.“Alongside a shot of Mave moving across a dusty road and Caleb sitting on a building shelf, the trailer returns from a white car to a crowded street, mysteriously with Wood in an unknown role. Watch the trailer step through Jeffrey Wright’s Bernard and his journey through a sublime virtual world, where William (Ed Harris), who appears to be injured, hits a wall. Please look.

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Paul was teasing Westworld Increasing the scale of Season 4 in promoting other upcoming projects, and Caleb’s playing experience throughout upcoming episodes In an interview released in April, actors shared expectations for the series and showrunners Before joking about adjusting the pace each season when drawing characters, Wright also praised Bernard’s ability to expand the scope of the series to find a way to save society from a complete collapse. Following the destruction and prediction of Rehoboam, who made fun of his character’s Season 4 journey, stating that he will focus on his quest within the mysterious subline virtual reality, his story is world-leading. Introducing technologies that are recognizable while still.

in front Westworld Season 4 teaser showed other cast members, this new Westworld It’s unclear if she’s portraying Dolores in the Season 4 trailer, but it’s the first time fans have officially seen Wood’s return. Dolores seems to have erased his memory at the season 3 finale, but was able to make a duplicate of the host’s body. Dolores may have left a copy of her subconscious in an additional copy of her body. In addition, when uploading her consciousness to the host based on Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) in Season 2, she proved herself that the host can control the bodies of other hosts, so Wood looks like Dolores. You may be playing another character using. It’s unclear who Wood will return, but WestworldThe latest trailer ensures that the series continues to challenge fans with mysterious mysteries.

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