Saie Tamhankar and Lalit Prabhakar bring a show much deeper and more than the cuteness of four legged cuties

Pet Puraan Review Ft. Saie Tamhankar & Lalit Prabhakar (Photo Credit – Sai Tamhankar/Instagram)

Pet Puraan Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Saie Tamhankar, Lalit Prabhakar, Rushi Manohar & together.

Creator: Dnyanesh Zoting.

Director: Dnyanesh Zoting.

Broadcast on: SonyLIV

Tongue: Marathi (with subtitles).

Duration: 6 episodes of about 40 minutes each.

(Photo credit – Still from Pet Puraan)

Pet Puraan Review: What It Is About:

Just like many other couples living in Maximum City, Aditi (Saie) and Atul (Lalit) try to live their lives as they please. But extra sweet families want them to have kids. Even a distant uncle happens to mock the two for not conceiving even after 3 years of marriage. Thus, the frustration of constant harassment leads them to decide to adopt a pet. But they end up adopting 2 of them. How that happens and more is the show.

Pet Puraan Review: What Works:

Every once in a while, certain shows touch your heart, and the world doesn’t have to understand or love them the way you do. Pet Puraan definitely falls into this category. When discussing this lack of slice-of-life stories on OTT, we forget to mention “with depth” and Saie Tamhankar’s star is a perfect example of how you do that. There is a story, a heart, a soul, a concrete conflict and no forced message to make you cringe even a little. Marathi content is going in the right direction and that makes me so happy.

Created, written and directed by Dnyanesh Zoting, Pet Puraan finds its soul in the showdown between society and a couple who want to live their lives as they see fit. Of course, the product is sold as a drama about a couple adopting pets and all the cute stuff. But would you be hooked on the promos if they told you that these are two people getting up on the conditioning they were forced into? Well, the show incorporates that so well that at no point does it become an out of body experience.

Pet Puraan opens with a banquet full of people at a baby shower, which irritates Aditi and Atul about having children of their own. Someone says they were quick enough to run away and get married. And you’re suddenly pulled out and made to realize that not all of them in the crowd are taking care of themselves. Some are just having fun. Zoting, who does a lot of work in this 6-episode show, knows how to layer his world. It creates a character that has been conditioned to behave in a certain way. When he/she breaks free, they aim for exactly what they have been prevented from doing.

Isn’t that almost all of us? There is patriarchy at play here. A patriarch called Nana sits far away but still offhandedly criticizes his settled son Atul for his life choices. He makes fun of him because he became a chef. He is “He is not even allowed to keep a dog. Whenever someone blesses Aditi and Atul for a child, he speaks of Diva (lamp) of the house, which means a boy. Zoting does a job remarkable in not doing this sermon at any time.

I know one must be confused why no mention of adorable pets? But you know how it goes, but the show is much deeper than that. Think of it as a ticket to a well-defined world. Zoting comments on the city’s infrastructure. Lack of amenities, but massive rents. Exploitation of tenants and injustice towards them. Immigrants trying to make this town their home. The Brutal Animal (Pet) Market which is in the heart of the city (Crawford). Everything is invented only our reality, in which you and I live. Dnyanesh captures this while keeping his humor alive throughout.

The creator also makes sure he doesn’t take his home audience for granted. He plants basic Marathi Easter Eggs around. A boy whose thread ceremony recently took place. A conflict between Pune and Marathwada. The internal politics of castes. Everything is mentioned without more. Simplifying, that’s fine.

Pet Puraan Review: Star Performances:

Dnyanesh writes Aditi (Saie) and Atul (Lalit) carefully. In his attempt to give you a view of patriarchy and gender politics, he swaps features. Now the man is in the kitchen and the one who believes in peace and is kinda tender, while the woman is the warrior who with her boiling blood can kill one for the slightest reason.

Saie Tamhankar has a character that she can walk through. We’ve seen her do that. The actor manages to bring her a game and build believable chemistry with Lalit Prabhakar.

Speaking of Lalit, if you have met the man for real you will know that Atul is far from himself. A guy with a tattoo of an inverted cake, Lalit actually puts a lot of effort into the creation of Atul. Mannerism, accent and even quirky features he does well.

Special mentions for Baku and Vyanku (the pets) How adorable they are

Pet Puraan Review: What Doesn’t Work:

There’s a part where the script talks about animal adoption and trying to educate people not to buy. It becomes preachy there. The makers probably could have developed the Nana angle more, giving the show a fulfilling plot.

While the struggles on Atul’s professional front are weighted, Aditi’s workplace seems inconsequential to the story.

(Photo credit – Still from Pet Puraan)

Pet Puraan Review: Final Words:

Pet Puraan is cute, touching and educational all at the same time. Swing by Sony LIV this weekend and surrender to the kindness of the adorbs and the talent of Saie and Lalit.

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