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Will Moon knight Would you like to return to Season 2? The Marvel Studios series on Fists of Revenge is touted as a six-episode event, ending with Disney + Wednesday episode six. varietyMarvel will submit Hawkeye When Moon knight The field reserved to consider the Emmy Awards in the limited series category, according to the rules and regulations of the Television Academy, “tell a complete, non-repeating story, with no story or protagonist in progress for the next season.” It shows that. Loki To consider as a limited series — the god of mischief is back in the second season revealed in the mid-credits scene — Marvel’s Moon knight It may rise again.

After Marvel Studios teased the “Magnificent Series Finale” Moon knight Fans of social media, the trailer for the finale released on Monday, noticed that the wording has changed from “Series Finale” to “Season Finale.”

“By calling the” Season Finale “instead of the” Series Finale “in the original tweet before it was deleted, it means we’re in another season.Moon knight The announcement of Season 2 is coming. ” Tweet Written according to change another“The fact that it says Season Finale instead of Series Finale gives me hope for the second season.”

Fans are now hoping that Marvel Studios will reveal Moon knight Season 2 of the scene during or after credit to end Wednesday’s season finale.

“We all agreed with this [show] This is the story we focus on.This is the story, “Oscar Isaac, who plays Mark Specter and his other Stephen Grant, said earlier. variety About the future of Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “And I think whether there is any future depends on whether people like it, want to see more, and find a story that is worth telling.”

See other reactions below. Moon knight The season finale will premiere on Wednesday, May 4th at Disney +.

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