March Rosamond Regional Crime Data Report | News

Below is a March criminal data report for the Rosamond area by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies. The address level of Geocode is about 98.1%, and about 52 services are required.

1st – Spouse / ex-spouse / date battery, Rosamond Boulevard 1000 blocks, loud / unreasonable noise jamming, Desert Street 2900 blocks.

2nd – Loud / unreasonable noise interference, Richfield Avenue

3rd – Battery on person, 15 3300 blocksth Interference with streets and noisy / unreasonable noise, 3300 blocks on Rose Gold Avenue.

Fiveth – Vandalism: Spouse / Former Spouse / Date Mount and Battery Properties 3600 blocks, B Street 2800 blocks tampered with.

6th – Death: 3300 blocks of Kelly Avenue and vehicle theft, 2100 blocks of Windflower Drive.

7th -Vehicle theft, Oak Grove Street 2400 blocks, Vehicle theft, Diamond Street and vehicle theft 2500 blocks, Sierra Highway 2400 blocks.

8th -Vehicle theft, 2400 blocks on Oak Grove Street and 2400 blocks on Oak Grove Street, vehicle theft.

11 11th -Vehicle theft, 3400 blocks on Glendower Street, 2100 blocks on Danger to Self: Protective Custody, Windbreaker Drive, 2600 blocks on Vehicle Theft: Trailer, Rosamond Blvd.

12th – Missing, 3400 blocks of granite court.

13th – Battery on Person, Sierra Highway 3300 blocks, Robbery: 2 times, Rosamond Boulevard 1600 blocks, Battery on Person, Sierra Highway 2900 blocks.

14th -Vehicle theft, 1300 blocks on Rosamond Boulevard, vehicle theft, 2900 blocks on Rosamond Boulevard, human battery, 1200 blocks on Rosamond Boulevard and robbery: 2nd 2800 blocks on C Street.

15th – Supporting other departments, 3800 blocks of Springfield Court and Contempt of Court: 2700 blocks of Dixie Street, not following court orders / processes.

16 16th – Robbery: Twice, 4400 blocks of Rosamond Boulevard and 1800 blocks of human battery, Harbel Place.

17 17th -Robbery: 2 times, 2700 blocks on 20th Avenue, forced or assaulted by deadly weapons, 1800 blocks on Jamie Street.

18 18th – Missing Person, Diamond Street and Marijuana Cultivated 2500 Blocks, 35 3100 Blocksth City.

19 19th – Vehicle theft, 15 3300 blocksth City.

20th -Destruction: Over $ 400, 1800 blocks of Rosamond Boulevard, Robbery: Twice, 1600 blocks of Rosamond Boulevard and SUSP CIRC / SAAIU, 2400 blocks of Sierra Highway.

twenty onest – Spouse / Former Spouse / Date Battery, 15th Street 3300 Blocks, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Recovery: Other Agencies, Rosamond Boulevard 2500 Blocks, GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Recovery: Other Agencies, Rocks 3300 blocks on Very Street and theft of vehicles, 2300 blocks on Valley Vista.

twenty twond – Swinging replicas of firearms, 2500 blocks of Sierra Highway and vehicle theft, 3400 blocks of quiet splendor court.

twenty threerd – Theft due to the use of access card information, 4200 blocks of Rosamond Boulevard.

twenty fourth – Spouse / ex-spouse / date battery, 3000 blocks on Sedna Street.

twenty fiveth -Cannabis cultivation, 35 3100 blocksth City.

26th – Vehicle theft, 3200 blocks on Glendower Street, disturbed by noisy / unreasonable noise, 2400 blocks on Dixie Street and missing, 3100 blocks on 35th City.

28 28th – Vehicle theft, 2400 blocks on the Sierra Highway.

30th -Vehicle theft, 2100 blocks on Matthew Avenue, assault on spouse / housemate, 2800 blocks in 28 blocksth City.


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