Peacemaker star Jennifer Holland has the perfect contact photo for John Cena

Peacemaker Jennifer Holland shares a photo of John Cena’s contact information on her phone in honor of a professional wrestler celebrating the 45th birthday of a HBO Max guard.

Jennifer Holland playing Emilia Harcourt PeacemakerTroll with perfect contact photos, celebrating John Cena’s birthday. The actor, who turned from a wrestler to an actor, made his DCEU debut with writer and director James Gunn. Suicide squadSenna plays “douchey Captain America”, Christopher Smith / Peacemaker, while the Netherlands works closely with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to play the NSA agent who is tasked with overseeing Task Force X. At the end of the movie, Peacemaker betrays him, a member of Task Force X, who seems to have been shot and killed by a blood sport (Idris Elba). However, the post-credit scene revealed that he needed to survive the Corto Maltese event and be supported by Harcourt and John Economos (Steve Agee).Save the world of f-king.“”

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Cena, Holland, and Agee Suicide squad Spin-off show Peacemaker, Released on HBO Max earlier this year. Taking up the place where the main movie was interrupted, Peacemaker See Senna’s character working with the ARGUS Black Ops Team in the “Butterfly Project” to stop the alien invasion. The cast of the series also includes Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Freddie Bloomer, Chuck Iuji, and Nouâtre. It’s clear that the ensemble of the series is growing close both in front of and behind the camera, and many are using social media to commemorate Cena’s 45th birthday.

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April 23 (Sun), Netherlands I visited Twitter, told my friends Happy Birthday, and shared a photo of Cena’s perfect contact. Cena has a cheerful smile. Dutch birthday Peacemaker The cast came very close during the production of the show, so check out the Dutch post below:

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Whether it is on SilcerMarvel Studios Guardian of the galaxy, Suicide squadAlso Peacemaker, Cancer tends to create a working environment that creates long-term personal and professional relationships. This is also present in his ridiculous, cheerful, jukebox-worthy, heartfelt work. Peacemaker The season 1 finale “It’s Cowor Never” will be released on February 17th, and after a hit during the first run, it will eventually return to Streamer. Not only does ARGUS succeed in the mission, Peacemaker does the opposite. Suicide squad Decide, choose his friend over the authoritative version of peace.

Cena, Holland, and the rest of the cast Peacemaker Popular with both critics and viewers. This series is currently the most reviewed project in DCEU since its inception in 2013, with a critic score of 94% for Rotten Tomatoes. Confirmed prior to the season 1 finale. Peacemaker Season 2 has been renewed. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Gun will probably return to work within the DCEU Peacemaker It could be Season 2 and other projects in the Cinematic Universe. This gives fans and Cena a good reason to smile.

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Mark & ​​Stephen Hug in Moon Knight Episode 4 was inspired by Marvel Comics

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