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The recent increase in Covid cases is unlikely to be the fourth wave, a doctor who was the chief scientist for epidemiology and infectious diseases at the Indian Medical Research Council told ANI. .. “Dr. Raman R. Gangakedkar also emphasized the continued use of face masks on Wednesday,” he said.

India reported more than 2,000 Covid cases in 24 hours this morning. Delhi reported more than 600 cases and urged a meeting of disaster management agencies in the capital to reintroduce forced masking. Other states have also revived the rule. -Require forced use of face masks in public places.

Globally, the emergence of XE variants further fuels concerns about the potential outbreak of infection in India.

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“I don’t think this is the fourth wave. The world continues to witness the BA.2 variant affecting people around the world. Forced use of withdrawn masks threatens infection. Some people misunderstand that it means that there is no such thing (as is), “Dr. Gangakedkar told ANI.

Doctors also said that people with a particularly high risk of infection should wear a face mask. “So far, no new variants have emerged. Elderly people … unvaccinated people … people who have been infected so far … don’t forget to use face masks.” He said.

In India, the number of cases per day increased by nearly 66% on Wednesday after 2,067 cases were reported. Forty Covid-related deaths were also reported during the same period.

This is the second time this week that the number of daily cases has exceeded 2,000.

In Delhi, the number of everyday cases is steadily increasing, so it is mandatory to wear a mask. If you don’t wear a mask, Delhi registered 632 Covid-19s on Tuesday, but no new deaths have been reported.

Haryana and Uttar Pradesh have issued similar orders for wearing masks in different parts of their respective regions.

Meanwhile, the IIT-Kanpur survey predicts a fourth wave in July this year.

In response to this claim, the government said last month that it would respect all such studies, but had not yet considered this particular report.

“… It was our effort to look at the science of the pandemic, its epidemiology, trends and virology. All predictions are based on data and assumptions, with occasional different estimates. Based solely on the predictions of the virus, it is extremely dangerous to society. Since these are scientific studies produced by celebrities, the government fully respects these estimates, “said NITI Aayog, a member of NITI Aayog. ) VK Paul said at a press conference.


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