Constantine: WBCir clingṢọpẹ Dìrísù: Exclusive, starring John Constantine in the new HBO Max series

Constantine will once again decorate the fans’ screens, but this may not be John Constantine the fans expect. HBO Max has brought Warlock back to a smaller screen, but this time it’s a more horror-focused tone.

JJ Abrams is building his own corner of the DC Universe in the long-awaited Justice League Dark Universe, with chain smoking and a trench coat wearing the wizard John Constantine seeming to start things. Guy Bolton, a British writer, seems to have caught the attention of Warner Bros. in a series that jumps into the horror elements of the character rather than focusing on the religious side.

Did HBO MAX find their new John Constantine?

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According to our sources, Warner Bros. is touring Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù to play John Constantine in the new HBO Max series. Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù is an exciting possibility for British Nigerian actors to have experience in cinema, television and theatrical performances. Focusing on this series, Warlock is often involved in supernatural mysteries, so Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù could be the perfect actor to confront this horror, a beloved role.Have an experience of horror from the movie His house And action with the British action crime drama series Gangs of London..

Recently, The Illuminerdi released not only the production start date, but also the tentative title “Chimney” of this series. KnightsEdge Media recently gained more insight into this new series with the log line “The series is a blend of urban action and body horror.” , And the supernatural on the streets of modern London. It follows a young man whose whole world is upset when a chance encounter with a young girl draws him into the dark and dangerous world of the occult. “

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They also revealed that the series is about to play two more roles. Akara, a 10-year-old Cambodian girl who is said to be the center of the story, and Pitch, a seemingly strong grandfather over 60 years old. KnightsEdge Media Akara could be the Hellblazer cartoon Astra Rogue who gave John Constantine her importance, and the logline seems likely.

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John Constantine was first introduced in the 1985 comics Swamp Saga # 37 Keanu Reeves-led movie before making a leap to silver screen in 2005 Constantine.. In recent years, the character has become popular with Matt Ryan and has begun his first life in the short-lived NBC series. ConstantineBefore replaying his role in CW Arrow When Legend of Tomorrow..


Ryan also spoke out characters in many animation projects, including: Justice League Dark, Justice League Dark: Apocolipus WarAnd the future Constantine: Mayhem’s HouseRyan has proved himself to be an extraordinary John Constantine and hopefully will continue to portray the character in animation, but especially the new, more horror, where the new series seems to be exploring the early days. It’s exciting to see the characters in the base version Warlock Days.

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JJ Abrams seems to prove to be an important voice in the DC Universe as well as his construction Justice League Dark When Constantine It’s likely that Emerald Fennell is ready to get things started Zantanna Movie and Angela Robinson Madame X Both are series under development. Abrams is also teaming up with Matt Reeves and Bruce Timm for the new anime Batman series. Crusaders with capeAnd is making the long-awaited new Superman movie featuring Black Reed under the banner of his Bad Robot.


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