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Boris Johnson hears India’s position on Ukraine’s conflict, not Delhi’s talk | Latest News India

The crisis in Ukraine is reflected in the involvement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the two-day visit starting Thursday, but the focus is on freeing the Indo-Pacific from coercion and promoting bilateral free trade agreements.

Johnson begins his visit in Gujarat, where he visits the University of Gujarat Biotechnology and the factory, interacts with top business leaders, then travels to New Delhi, where he is his Indian counterpart on Friday. Meet with Narendra Modi.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the world order is reflected in the interaction between Johnson and Indian interlocutors, who are familiar with the matter when the British Prime Minister visited Foreign Minister Liz Truss last month. He said he would take the same policy that he had – the UK does not have a business to teach or direct what to do to other countries.

People said that Mr Johnson is expected to set out Britain’s position on Ukraine, listen to the opinions of the Indian side, and better understand each other’s position. , Britain supports Ukraine’s freedom, “he added, adding that Russia’s actions will determine its future course of action in the crisis.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will begin a two-day visit to India on Thursday, April 21, 2022. (HT illustration)

Britain is at the forefront of military aid and support to Ukraine, and Johnson recently visited Kieu to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky. India condemns the killing of civilians in Bucha, repeatedly ends hostilities and returns to dialogue.

People say Johnson’s interaction will also focus on India’s centrality in the rise of the Indo-Pacific, while India remains prioritized in the 2021 Integrated Review of Britain’s Defense, Security and Foreign Policy. Stated.

“The Indo-Pacific is becoming more and more important to both sides as it needs to be freed from coercion and give everyone free opportunities. Democracy also needs to be more resilient.” The above person states. Said.

Discussions will be based on the momentum generated by the British carrier strike group’s visit to the Indian Ocean and joint exercises, along with defense and security, one of the five pillars of the India and UK Roadmap 2030. In these discussions, the role Britain can play in supporting India’s efforts to indigenous defense manufacturing. People said the talks between the two prime ministers would help shape further defense cooperation, including India’s procurement and technology transfer.

He described the visit of Prime Minister Johnson as “a big deal” and said that the talks between the two Prime Ministers would also be the “stage” for the third round of negotiations on a free trade agreement hosted by India from April 25th. Both sides were able to solve some problems and improve market access for items such as apples, medical devices and shrimp. The next round of negotiations will focus on some of the larger issues such as trade in services, investment and market access. For more sensitive items.

After leaving the European Union (EU), the UK is keen to quickly conclude a comprehensive trade agreement with India. The UK is interested in signing a full-fledged FTA to save time, rather than choosing a two-step transaction. Officials said a tentative or early harvest agreement followed by a comprehensive agreement would follow.

However, India is keen to conclude early harvest contracts before negotiating time-consuming and complex issues. “This is a practical approach that quickly shows concrete results to both partners, while other complex issues are negotiated later,” he said. Added.

Formal FTA negotiations began on January 13, when both sides set the goal of doubling trade in goods and services by 2030. Currently, the total of two-way trade is worth $ 50 billion, including $ 35 billion for services and $ 15 billion for commodities. ..

India and the United Kingdom are aiming for a quick final decision on tariffs and terms on the issue of convergence of both interests, but some delicates that may be dealt with after incorporating the views of all stakeholders. There is a problem. Tariffs on agriculture, dairy products and alcoholic beverages, especially Scotch, said a second source.

The modus vivendi itself is expected to be comprehensive as it can cover 65% of the goods and more than one-third of the 160 service lines. The UK side is keen to remove the barriers to doing business and trading. Includes tariffs of up to 150% on whiskey and 125% on British cars. The Indian side wants to improve the mobility of experts and safety measures suitable for sectors such as agriculture. India holds the number one position on UK visas for skilled workers. 40% of the total.

The problems of economic fugitives such as Vijay Mallya and Nirab Modi can arise during the visit, but the above people said that the British judiciary would handle certain ongoing legal proceedings. He said the enforcement procedures for these cases were completed. The British side is also willing to accept the issue of the pro-Khalistan element in Britain, especially as it promises to counter radicalism on the other side of the law.


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