Odd Taxi: In the Forest-Review

Odd taxi In the 2021 sleeping anime hit, it tells a complex and original mystery that viewers keep guessing every week. Now it’s back as a (mostly) summary movie that helps connect some loose ends, mostly from the ending of the TV anime. Is it perfectly worth it? Movie theater admission ticket price?Well, probably not, but if it ends up streaming, it’s a fun way to revisit the series Crunchyroll..

original Odd taxi It was a carefully planned television series, and in the process of its execution, mysteries slowly accumulated. Obviously, the movie’s retailing can’t capture a sense of intentional pace, nor can it recreate the atmosphere inside a taxi on the Daido River where the characters are hesitant. A rambling, and inadvertently revealed conversation. Nevertheless, by skillfully reconstructing the story around a series of interviews with supporting casts. Odd Taxi: In the woods It succeeds where most summary films fail: it’s an artistic cohesive film in itself.

If Odd taxi It was a crime novel Odd Taxi: In the woods It evokes a sense of true criminal documentary. The character recontexts the accompanying footage from the original TV anime to provide a subjective commentary on the event. This is also a clever way to provide a coder to a saga without being involved in an extended epilogue sequence. “What are these characters so far?” Is answered in an interview on how they carry themselves: whether they look back on their involvement in shame and confusion, or in the meantime. Whether they agreed with themselves. The type of drink the character is sitting on or ordered is added to the nonverbal storytelling.

In this format, the movie zips at a good pace and conveys a digest version of the story without compromising the mystery. It clarifies the original intention to find the answer to the answer. Incident (That is, the climax of the original anime) Instead of teasing viewers for a few weeks about where all of these seemingly detached events will eventually lead, the movie begins to put everything together quickly and efficiently, but all. The answer is not so obvious that it will be immediately apparent.

In the structure of this story, omissions and omissions are less obvious. The character interactions were inevitably the most cut off, but there are still enough jokes for the emotional beats to land. You will probably find something fresh about the presentation here. Perhaps the most confusing part of the movie is the beginning. That’s because it’s a rapid jump between the perspectives of multiple characters before finally finding a pace. It’s two hours long, but the time goes by quickly.

For the new epilogue, it shows what happens right after the final scene of the TV anime. The ending credits also show a fragment of the character’s life. This is a bit of an extra closure of the series, which was originally an unlimited conclusion, but it’s never been unimaginable by viewers since then. Those who appear in this movie in anticipation of surprise are probably the most disappointed.

After all, it’s hard to evaluate a summary movie that contains just a few new footage. It’s a perfectly rational way to experience the story of. Odd taxi For the first time, this can be sought by most people. Earn the most mileage from just a handful of new paintings, but still exist as an alternative source of income primarily for enthusiastic fans who support the series. New viewers still need to be the default, which is the most complete way to tell TV anime, but if you feel like watching a great series again from a fresh perspective, be sure to check out this movie.

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