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At least four years ago, at dinner in Brooklyn’s Frankies, Jimmy Kimmel cast a wacky idea on his late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

If you can clear the hurdles of logistics such as city, staff, and network exchange, even a perfect prank like Kimmel can become a grand prank. It’s a pair that has recently become friendly to him and other Jimmy. For years, the idea was fascinatingly crazy.

So, almost half a year later, on April Fool’s Day, the two Jimmy stopped it.When they came out to each other’s show, they surprised their late-night audience and everyone watching at home: Kimmel as NBC’s host. Tonight’s show From New York and Fallon to ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live From Hollywood Boulevard. In Los Angeles. To keep everything secret, only relevant producers, writers, and network executive executives participated in the gag.

Both hosts arrived at the other Jimmy’s studio late last week in a small team. In each case, there are assistants, a few writers / producers, and a few others. During the broadcast, Kimmel interviewed “Thank You Notes” and stars Hugh Jackman and Bridget Everett, and Fallon introduced Kimmel’s “Mean Tweet” with a twist on “Sweet Tweet”, a fake Kimmel. We welcomed fellow Justin Timberlake and Kimmel’s aunt Chippy, who pretended to be their enemies, Matt Damon. The Chili Peppers played at both shows.

Behind the scenes, the host celebrated an elaborate gag with a treat — Fallon JKL The staff is an ice cream truck, Kimmel is Tonight’s show Gang Cookies — From “Other Jimmy”. When it comes to displaying the time, Tonight’s show The crew sent Kimmel to stage with his ritual fist bumps and the chant of “The Greatest Show Ever”, a tradition dating back to his first show 19 years ago. JKL The crew is said to have done the same for Fallon in LA

From Fallon JKL staff

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From Kimmel Tonight’s show staff
Courtesy of Todd Owyoung / NBC

“It was unbelievable … no one has done this,” Fallon is said to have erupted after the show. JKL greenhouse.Returning to the east coast, Kimmel Tonight’s show The writers went to a nearby bar, where he also toasted the team that did something really special.

Later in the weekend, they both asked some questions about getting rid of what Fallon joked. That was ABC’s second biggest surprise of the week.

What was of particular importance to each of you when it was time to perform this April Fool’s prank?

Jimmy Kimmel: In most cases, we wanted to make sure we kept it a secret.

Jimmy Fallon: I don’t like mischievous things, so I wasn’t sure if I could get rid of this. For example, two seconds before they announced me, I was nervous.

What was the biggest difference in putting together other Jimmy shows beyond the obvious (ie place)?

Kimmel: I rarely talk to people who do the same job. She respected how Fallon was making the show and wanted to make sure she was cooperating with everything.

It will fall: It was a little surreal. It’s the same job, but it’s completely different. Everyone there welcomed me very much. They have very professional and very interesting staff. It’s a beautiful theater. It’s like a theater TV studio, but it’s our pure TV studio. It was a great feeling to be near the audience.

What was the biggest surprise or unexpected part of mounting other shows?

It will fall: I usually made a reservation 6 months in advance, so it was difficult to make a reservation. [but] I had to do it at the last minute so that I couldn’t speak.

Kimmel: The biggest surprise is how fast it goes.

When did you arrive at the other show? What was the first thing you wanted to do?

It will fall: After recording the show on Wednesday with a double tape, I boarded an airplane and landed around 1 am. Seven hours later, I was waiting for Jimmy and Molly to pick me up in the parking lot. I put on my hair and makeup and started shooting. Then they flew. Immediately to New York.

Kimmel: Meet our companions.

What did the preparation process bring to you and the writer now that the secret has been revealed?

It will fall: Lots of plans. Tons.. And to keep it a secret. Our producers have been talking to each other every day for the past month, which probably required a year’s plan.

Kimmel: We have made a lot of preparations for this show for other shows. Most importantly, share the little tricks you’ve learned over the years and look for other shows.

Who made the joke (and who didn’t) outside the people who needed to know?

It will fall: Really, all I knew was me, Jimmy … and Matt Damon. I was surprised that the network wasn’t actually fighting us. It’s like we can’t escape.

Kimmel: I didn’t know Guillermo, but I still don’t.

Did you leave anything for another Jimmy?

It will fall: I left him a card in my office.

Kimmel: I left the youngest.

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The ritual before the Kimmel show, this time Tonight’s show crew.
Courtesy of Todd Owyoung / NBC

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