China is closely watching Pakistan’s political turmoil

Beijing: Sunday’s vigilant China watched closely over the rapid political development of its all-weather ally, Pakistan. Movement against him.
Although there are no official comments here, state media has cited Khan’s U.S. distrust resolution behind the opposition as the reason for the refusal by Pakistani Parliamentary Vice-Chairman Kasim Khan Sri. Emphasized the claim. Opposition distrust resolution against the government.
State-owned Xinhua reported on a political drama in Islamabad, and Pakistani President Arif Alvi approved Khan’s recommendation to dissolve the parliament.
Xinhua reports highlighted Khan’s remarks that foreign powers had attempted a plot to dismiss the government in a distrust resolution, and the Vice-Chairman of the House of Representatives rejected the move because such a plot could not be successful. ..
In preparation for the opposition’s distrust resolution, China has urged all parties to close their ranks for stability and development.
China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on March 31 when Beijing was asked if he was concerned about the potential defeat in Khan’s parliament and the impact of changing leadership on China. China always follows the principle of not interfering with the domestic affairs of other countries. ” Pakistan has a close relationship.
“China, Pakistan’s all-weather strategic cooperation partner and friendly neighbor, sincerely hopes that all political parties in Pakistan can maintain solidarity and joint development and stability.”
Observers here say China may not be overly concerned about the crisis, as Beijing sees Pakistani troops as the basis for its “ironclad” relationship with Islamabad.
China’s Foreign Ministry has not yet responded to questions from Prime Minister Kamal Jabido Bajuwa’s remarks condemning Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. This is fundamentally different from China’s position.
General Kamal Baziwa, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), said on Saturday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “must be stopped immediately”, calling it a major tragedy.
At the Islamabad Security Dialogue, General Bajuwa expressed Pakistan’s serious concerns about the conflict, adding that “despite Russia’s legitimate security concerns, its attacks on smaller countries are unacceptable.”
General Baziwa also said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was very disappointing, as thousands were killed, millions became refugees, and “half of Ukraine was destroyed.”
As a close ally of Moscow, China condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine, despite drawing a subtle line for a peaceful solution, emphasizing Russia’s security concerns associated with NATO expansion. Refused to do.
General Baziwa also said that Pakistan “tried to expand and expand relations with both China and the United States without affecting our relations with us,” and talked about expanding relations with the United States. did. [either]”.
“Pakistan enjoys a close strategic relationship with China, which is demonstrated by its commitment to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” he added. He is an export market. ”


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