Broken sewers spill millions of gallons of waste on the streets of the city of California | Infrastructure

In Los Angeles County, an estimated 8.5 m gallon of raw sewage flooded the neighborhood of Carson City, closing beaches, and large-scale cleanup work after toilet paper, feces, and toxic residues were scattered on nearby streets and sidewalks. Is in progress.

The spill occurred last Thursday, when a 60-year-old sewer broke down and sewage flowed into the Dominges Canal, a flood control channel 15 miles from the manhole, and eventually into the Pacific Ocean.

The broken 48-inch sewer main was scheduled to be replaced within a year and was probably tense after a strong storm that struck Southern California. LA County supervisor Janice Hahn called for a complete investigation into the cause. Outflow, the largest record in the area.

“A sewage spill of this magnitude is dangerous and unacceptable, and we need to understand what happened. There is no doubt that the recent storm caused the spill,” Hahn said in a statement. , We need an infrastructure that won’t break down when it rains. “

City officials said Monday that the beaches of nearby Long Beach would remain closed for the duration of water quality inspections. Several beaches in Los Angeles and Orange County were closed on weekends after spills and surfing, swimming, and holiday events like the annual Polar Bear Swim. Locals have enjoyed a frigid New Year’s swim at Cabrillo Beach for the past 70 years – they had to cancel. “Important local tradition”“Cancelling it is a terrible way to start this year,” he added.

The spill occurred just months after another environmental disaster affected Carson’s population, located just north of Long Beach and south of downtown Los Angeles. The Dominges Strait has recently been attributed to odors by residents in a warehouse fire that leached chemicals into a 15-mile canal, killed plants, and released large amounts of hydrogen sulfide, also known as sewer gas. ..

According to the Los Angeles County Sanitary Area, sewage flow has stopped and no abnormal hydrogen sulfide levels have been detected in the area. Authorities said the affected roads and storm drains would be cleaned and the residents would be reimbursed for the car wash. Meanwhile, the crew is still working to repair the pipes.

As of Sunday, the LA County Sanitary District said plans were underway to “slip line” the pipes. This is the process of placing a smaller 42-inch corrosion-resistant pipe in a 48-inch sewer, but the material is not. It will be delivered until the second half of the week.

The location of the lines near the highway complicated the process, which also caused the flap closure.

This isn’t the first time sewage has spilled on these streets of Carson, and resident Cesar Casillas has told Fox 11 Los Angeles that he and his neighbors have dealt with it for the second time in five years.

“I don’t want to see it before,” Casillas said, explaining the stink that remained in the cleaning process for days, adding that “toilet paper is still soaked in the soil.” Here – I don’t think it’s safe. “

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