Biden’s speech today: Jen Psaki returns to the podium and denies Carrier’s progress as the president praises his work

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President Joe Biden speaks about the March Employment Report at the White House State Canteen on April 1, 2022.


President Joe Biden said this morning welcoming another successful employment report that employment will return to pre-pandemic levels and unemployment will fall to levels not seen since 1969.

Inflation remains a major concern for Americans, but Biden will also release up to 1 million barrels of oil per day from strategic petroleum reserves to manage prices that have skyrocketed since the United States and its allies. I ordered. After Russia began its war with Ukraine, he imposed strict sanctions on Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “seems to be self-reliant and there are signs that he has dismissed some of his advisers or put him under house arrest,” Biden said in response to a question from a reporter on Thursday. rice field.

Meanwhile, according to new reports, White House spokesman Jen Psaki will resign to join MSNBC this spring, and Mr. Pusaki will long leave the government shortly after his more than a year’s term. It was speculated.

At a press conference on Friday, Pusaki refused to comment on her plans, other than saying she would spend time with her children and sleep if she left.

Faced with the ability to have an effective briefing on her plans to participate in media outlets, Mr. Pusaki said she adhered to all ethical rules and legal requirements.


Biden departs for Delaware

The President left the White House to spend the weekend in Wilmington, Delaware, and greeted South Lawn guests and staff before leaving for Marine One.


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Saki rejects rumors of resignation

White House spokesman Jen Psaki rejects rumors of resignation at press conference

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Psaki will be asked if he will leave the White House for MSNBC.

“Well, you still can’t get rid of me, Ed. I have nothing to confirm about the length of public affairs …”

“There’s nothing to confirm … about the next plan,” she adds.

“My focus is to answer your questions on behalf of the President.”

“I have adhered to all ethical requirements. I have always exceeded the strict ethical requirements of the Biden administration,” Pusaki adds about future employment.

Further pushed by NBC’s Kristen Welker, she is asked how she can continue an effective briefing if she actually plans to join the media.

Saki reiterates that he has nothing to announce, but acknowledges that he has discussed the possibility of the next step with the White House adviser and emphasizes that he adheres to ethical standards.

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Regarding the CDC’s decision to end Title 42 at the Southern Border on April 23, Psaki said of the three-week wait:

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The White House is pleased with the decision by Amazon workers in New York to form a union.

“Amazon workers on Staten Island have chosen to organize negotiations with grassroots unions for a better job and a better life,” said Psaki.

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“There is a continuous recovery in the labor market with strong momentum providing employment opportunities for families in the United States.”

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Jared Bernstein of the Economic Advisory Board spoke at the White House press conference about the latest employment report: “The headwinds of war in Delta, Omicron, and even Europe hinder our economic recovery. I couldn’t do it. “

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Live-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Holds Briefing in Rumors of Resignation

Watch live White House spokesman Jen Psaki briefing in rumors of resignation

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Details of Psaki’s contract negotiations

Sources familiar with the negotiations between Jen Psaki and MSNBC have shown that the White House spokesman did not appear on NBC or MSNBC to avoid conflicts of interest and ethical violations, as the debate became more serious. It is clear that there is no such thing.

She is also not involved in discussions about White House staff or managers appearing at NBC’s facilities for interviews.

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Press Secretary returns

White House spokesman Jen Psaki will return to the briefing room podium this afternoon after recovering from a Covid-19 seizure.

She has left the Biden administration and is back in place in reports that she will play a broadcasting role on MSNBC and Peacock in the near future.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 19:15

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