Young & Restless: Will Hunter King come back in the summer with Kyle?

Will Hunter King bring her back?

Young and the Restress Given how it’s tied to Michael Miller’s return as Kyle, it’s not a terrible problem, but it’s a problem that must be addressed sooner or later. The power to handle it can excite or destroy fans.

Of course, the problem is summer.

Hunter King has brought her back with Miller several times since the character left for Milan, but now Kyle returns to the show full-time and, in theory, to Genoa City. But I don’t know anything about what’s happening to his wife. There are actually only four options for how the show can handle this situation.

1. Summer recast

The first one will be the least popular — no discomfort to potential future actresses who will take over that role! King has been playing summer for almost 10 years, at which point it is almost synonymous with her role. But soap must continue, and it will not be the first time a daytime drama recreates an iconic character. As the world changes‘Lily, One Life to LiveClint, even one Young & Restless‘Jack was all a recast of a popular actor.

King explained Soap opera digest After she left, there were many reasons why she left. One was having trouble with her contract negotiations, and the other was feeling it was time for her own growth. She wanted to find her new experience. If the show has a long-term plan for a character that King simply can’t handle, they need to recast her or destroy her potential story they can tell. It’s a pain for fans, but it’s not the end of the world.

“Did they really use the R word?”

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2. Killer Summer Off

OK, OK, we know this will be a pill that is even harder to swallow than recasting summer — Especially With Kyle back, I was able to soften the blow a bit, but then I would actually see the aftermath unfold instead of dealing with it. That Off screen. The problem is that it’s the only move that makes sense if Kyle returns to Genoa City without her.

Why isn’t she there to support her husband who reunites with his presumed deceased mother, Diane? (Yes, I think she will sooner or later return to Genoa City and come across him. She can’t stay in Los Angeles forever. Bold and beautiful…) One silver lining will see Kyle unfold an emotional journey as he returns his mother to his life in mourning his wife’s death. But we feel it will be a cold comfort for most fans.

Young restless Kyle Summer HW

“You always said I would die …”

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3. Continue to repeat summer

This is the most realistic option from a real-world perspective, and summers can be entered and exited as they are now. King can easily shoot zoom segments here and there, and can even stop by Genoa City directly.

From a storyline perspective, however, it will be a bit of a stretch.

We’re back, why she’s not her husband’s territory, as we’re dealing with Diane’s return. Zoom Call is not the most loving way to support your spouse after learning that her deceased mother is back. .. But beyond that, everything gets old quickly and Kyle stays in Genoa City for a long time. Short-term separation is one thing, but I believe the two will continue to marry after living on different continents for a long time. A little more.

Summer Kyle Happy Wedding hw Meal or King Hunter

Happy days are here again … or maybe soon.

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4. Sign a contract to revive the King full time

This is what everyone wants. As mentioned earlier, both her and Mealor have partially left due to contract negotiations. Also, Mealor seems to have settled them for a full-time return, so there seems to be little to expect.The king will be able to do the same and she seems willing to do so

The actress said when Kyle and Summer returned for the wedding of Ashland and Victoria. digest It says, “Of course, I want to come back. I miss playing summer! Young & Restless This is arguably a fan choice and would make the most sense from a story point of view, but still see if the show can pull it off!

What are your thoughts? We know that the majority of you probably have hope for a fourth option, but which do you think is most likely?

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